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[Chat(Android)] Novice relocator problem

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Posted on 2016-04-22 09:01:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have 5 lvl castle in 5th kingdom. My older brother play in kingdom #2. I want to join him and his guild. I know that i can use novice relocator, but i do not have any :/ I did not get any from the beginning of the game. Could someone tell me why? Or at least where can I buy novice relocator?

Posted on 2016-04-22 09:30:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

Can somebody help me with my problem? I really don't know why i didn't get any novice relocator from the beginning... Is this bug in the game? I think that I need moderator help:/

Posted on 2016-04-22 14:13:50 | Show thread starter's posts only


You can relocate to another kingdom if your castle is level 5 and below and your account is under 7 days old. I have 7 different accounts on each server and every account has had a novice relocator, maybe you used it on mistake?

You could message IGG live support, but for faster results you would be better off creating a new gmail account, adding it to your game and starting off fresh.

I cannot currently see any option of where to purchase a novice relocator, looks like its a 1 time item, even for new players.

Posted on 2017-09-13 17:21:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

See I have mine.....I'm a level 5 castle AND I started yesterday but i can't select or use it!!