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[Chat(Android)] Gear Guide by Buraian

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Posted on 2016-04-18 20:34:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ideally, it will be good to have 3-4 Set of gear and equip it when u are doing that specific job.

Below are the idea equipment for the current end game gear.

Recommended Attack Gear: Sacred Broadsword or Frostwing Greatsword
Recommended EXP Gear: -
Recommended Research Gear: -
Recommended Construction Gear: Sacred Broadsword or Trident

Recommended Attack Gear: Frostwing Shield or Lunar Scimitar
Recommended EXP Gear: -
Recommended Research Gear: Vice Grips
Recommended Construction Gear: Gryphon's Talon

Recommended Attack Gear: Frostwing Helm or Deathgazer
Recommended EXP Gear: Sacred Helm
Recommended Research Gear: -
Recommended Construction Gear: -

Recommended Attack Gear: Frostwing Armor
Recommended EXP Gear: Sacred Armor
Recommended Research Gear: Cavalry Mail
Recommended Construction Gear: Odysseus

Recommended Attack Gear: Frostwing Boots or Durable Boots
Recommended EXP Gear: -
Recommended Research Gear: Gryphon Walkers
Recommended Construction Gear: Gryphon Walkers

3rd Accessory is unlocked when Castle, Mine and Workshop are lvl 25
Recommended Attack Gear: Lost Island's Relic
Recommended EXP Gear: Sacred Badge
Recommended Research Gear: Lunar Flute
Recommended Construction Gear: Sentinel's Circlet

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Posted on 2016-04-19 04:02:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with Buraian. But where do we get the "Sacred" set? Is it an epic set not yet released?

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Posted on 2016-04-19 17:38:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

This will s very useful guide for gears. Thanks for posting

Posted on 2016-04-19 17:44:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

The sacred set is purchased through the gem store. Its the "Winning Start" set and it also comes with the hero "The big guy" and other boosts and resources :) To get the complete set, it is actually quite expensive. It's worth it though for the first two pieces at least. I have the first 3. First purchase is 5$, the second is 20$ and the third is 50$. The fourth pack is 100$ and you have to buy them in succession currently I believe. So you cant skip to the 20$ pack instead of buying the 5$ pack etc.  Hope this helped!

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Posted on 2017-04-04 03:33:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

I bought the complete Big Guy packs on the first day they showed up. Got all the equipment and its great. This guide above is ok. I will be adding a more comprehensive Guide in the new Guides section soon. But thanks Buraian :)

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Posted on 2017-04-04 19:24:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

How come you don't have the electric lance as main hand research gear?

Posted on 2017-05-07 13:53:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

So do the big players use champion gear for normal battles I see a lot mixing with fear drum and champion gear just wondering if you have it (I wish) would you use for kvk and against big hives