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[Chat(Android)] [Guide] Progressing in Lords Mobile effectively

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Pictures to be added, soon!

To a lot of players this game throws you straight into the deep end, and unless you are experienced in this genre of game, it can be almost overwhelming at first and you may invest in the wrong place stunting your growth... so here is a guide to help you progress effectively!


1. Cashing
1.1 Winning Start
1.2 Gems Gems Gems
2. Player progression
2.1 Player levels
2.2 Talent points
2.3 Equipment
3. Overall Progression
3.1 Building
3.2 Researching
3.3 Hero Trials
3.4 Troops

1. Cashing

1.1 Winning Start

This seemed like an appropriate place to start. This is the pop-up which appears each time you login, and it is appropriately named. The value for this starter pack is humongous, and I would highly recommend purchasing at least the first pack (the packs are tiered, once you buy pack 1, pack 2 becomes available at a higher price, and so on and so forth). The hero it contains, The Big guy, has stats far superior to the basic heroes you get when playing the game, and he has a nice skillset! This guy will help you in almost every aspect of the game. This is just the hero, the equipment/resources/speed-ups are invaluable for a quick boost into the game.

1.2 Should I spend? What should I spend on? Gems Gems Gems

If there is one thing which I would say is truly valuable to spend your gems on, that would be vip level. It is permanent, so once you unlock it it stays for good. I would recommend getting a maximum of vip level through purchasing vip points. This unlocks auto completion of a number of time consuming activities. Which become a hassle if you can't spend long periods of time on the game. It also provides a hefty 38% player exp boost (you want a high player level, as soon as possible. Player level = max hero level, alongside talent points, which make a huge difference in this game).

Vip level 8 also provides a 21 minute free skip for your construction/research timers. When starting out, this will allow you to build most buildings instantly at the beginning, and is a real life saver! It can be tiring spamming the building upgrades, it is more relaxing when build times are 6 hours or more.

Asides from Vip level. I would save 10,000 gems (if you have this amount from cashing) as a minimum. As when you reach castle level 17, and defeat skirmish 8. You unlock treasure trove, which allows you to invest your gems over a period of time and get returns. The most valuable one here is the 1 month investment, which at level 1 treasure trove, gives you a 80% bonus on the 10,000 gems you invest (8000 free gems a month? Yes please!). Note that this is just at level 1, and 10,000 gems is the minimum you can invest with. Once you increase the treasure trove level the number of gems you can invest (and interest \o/) increases.

Have a surplus of 10,000 gems? The only thing I could recommend spending on is instant build for your army. Troops>might 

Troops are love...Troops are life...

2. Player Progression

2.1 Player Levels

You get player experience from doing everything in this game, literally. Although some things give more experience than others. For example, raiding an event monster will give far more experience than raiding a player.

Levels in this game are important, they provide much needed talent points, they increase the max level for your heroes, and give you freebies each time you level! (yay)

2.2 Talent Points

This is an extremely important part of your progression, trust me. So many people will go wrong here.

I recommend to instantly go for Construction Speed I and Research I, followed by their "II" counterparts further down the tree, although you'll need to be a higher level to reach those. The I counterpart gives a 40% time reduction, and the II counterpart gives a 65% time reduction. Having both of these reduces your build time and research time down to roughly 40% of the original, which I don't need to tell you is insanely good. Especially when mixed with the vip free time skip (for players starting out). On later buildings/research this can save you over half a month of time.

Asides from these on the right hand side of the talent tree I would recommend placing some research into food production (Them troops are some hungry fellas!)

On the left hand side of the talent tree (the combat side). I would recommend specializing in one type of troop (I personally went for cavalry, they are the fastest and are the bread and butter of most city-building games, especially for aggressive players - you'll want to be aggressive when playing this ;)). Prioritise attack over health/defence.

2.3 Equipment

Materials for equipment is hard to come by without cashing. You can get some by gathering resources on the fields on the map (although this is rare), killing the event monsters (this is the easiest way, although they only give resources for event equipment), completing tiers on solo/hell events, opening gifts in guild, and buying cash packs.

The equipment you will want to forge will vary depending on your set up, think back to your talents, are you specializing on one troop? Craft equipment to compliment that.

Crafting equipment with research/construction time bonuses on it can also be valuable, although it doesn't grant that much in comparison to talents.

A valuable thing to have is food production bonuses on equipment, if your troop count is high, but this will not be a problem if you are an active player which is able to raid farms frequently.

You can get legendary gear with nice boosts on it for buying the Winning Start pack mentioned in 1.1

3. Overall Progression

3.1 Building

There are two ways you can go about this:

The steady route: This way is simple, just follow the quest line, building everything in order, the advantage to this is the free resources it gives for each building. That is all there is to it, really

The fast way (preferable): This is the method I would recommend. That is to say, rushing castle levels. Generally you will need most your buildings at the same level of your castle to be able to upgrade your castle to the next level, although this isn't always the case. If you click on your castle and see what it needs to be upgraded, you'll find that you can skip a lot of quests (although temporarily), allowing you to upgrade your castle sooner and get more valuable unlocks, like troop tiers! (Yay for troops). Troops are love, troops are life. <--- Live by this, always :D

3.2 Researching

Not too much to say in this for beginners, although I would recommend getting all unlocks needed for your next tier of troop. After this I would focus on upgrades for troops which you have invested talent points in to, alongside improving building/research/training times.

3.3 Hero Trials 

Here is the best place to upgrade and obtain your heroes, which are used in near every aspect of the game.

Obtaining heroes: Asides from cashing for heroes, there are two ways you can obtain them through hero trials.

1: Completing x-18 of a level unlocks a hero
2: Completing elite trials for tokens (10 hero specific tokens grants you that previously unlocked hero)

Upgrading heroes

Fast Leveling: Fastest way is to auto-complete previously completed missions (need to have 3 stars - no heroes died during the mission). These grant consumables which give flat experience to your heroes. Nice!)

Equipment: Completing missions gives experience needed for your heroes (each hero needs different equipment) Once you complete a set for your hero, they can rank up! (This unlocks new abilities/passive traits - Very useful!)

Grades: Increasing your hero grade grants higher boosts from your skills and passive traits, the last grade, legendary, increases this level a large amount in comparison to the previous, so aim for that!

The only way to increase grade is by obtaining hero tokens from elite trials or the cash shop.

3.4 Troops

At the end of the day, troops are everything in this game. Whenever you are online, or offline, you want your troops to be doing something, whether that is raiding players, harvesting resources, defending guidlies etc.

You want to be training troops 24/7.   I can't stress this enough! Troops are love. Troops are life.

Before you log off to sleep, it can be valuable to send your troops away to some far away location so that they return just in time as you wake up to play again. This almost completely prevents the chance of your army from being wiped whilst you are away. This can reduce stress levels considerably!


There are many different ways to progress in this game, I am just sharing my side of the story. It may not be the best, but it works! If I could sum it up in a tl:dr, I would say.

Troops + Reduced timers + More Troops + Even More Troops = win

Thanks for reading.

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Nice guide, that will help some people.

Nice name by the way :P (Noobzilla is one of my YouTube channels)

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This guide is great. It's on point and follows one of the best (if not the best) ways to prefect your turf and your army/might. 

Well done my man!

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