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[Chat(Android)] Survival Tips for Beginners / Players constantly being attacked.

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A tip for every player out there being constantly attacked by a guild or player.

PS: This is not listed in highest or lowest priority.

Motto:Lose less, rebuild fast.

It is impossible that you won't be attacked in this game. This guide will serve you on how survive an attack, how to lessen the impact of an attack, how to rebuild faster and how to lessen the chance of being attacked.

[justify]1. Always match your hospital capacity with the number of your troop. The reason for this is it is much more expensive and time consuming to train troops than to heal troops. You will always recover every amount of might you lost during an attack if your hospital has the capacity to hold your whole army.[/justify]

[justify]2. Talent points SHOULD be used in research boost, construction boost, resource production and gathering boost. This also apply for your research. First of all, if you are constantly being attacked it just means you are weak and low level enough that the attacker can attack you without losing too much. So it makes no sense to put your talent points on increasing your armies attack, def etc since likely your attacker will be stronger than you by a large margin. Majority of what you are going to do in the game is developing your castle, researching and gathering. It only makes sense to focus on these first. Remember, you are on the defensive side not on the offensive side. You must always think how you can lessen the impact of an attack and how to develop your castle as quickly as possible. Focus on food production side of the talent skill tree. It will give you boosts like construction speed, research speed, increase in gathering and production of every resource. These boosts will greatly aid you on developing your castle as fast as possible and you can recover much faster in an event of attack since your resource production is on high gear. Imagine if your producing 50k-70k per hour of resource. In 10 hours you'll have 500k-700k worth of resource and your just waiting for your troops to heal. Then when you reached max castle you can just reset your talent points and use it on the offense side of the talent skill tree.[/justify]

[justify]3. In terms of gathering quickly, try to use the maximum amount of your "army limit". The definition of army limit in the game is the number of action you can deploy in the world map. You can check your army limit by clicking your castle in your turf. Do not confused this with max army size. Max army size is the total amount of troops you can deploy per action. Here is an example, if you have an army limit of 2 and you have a total of 20k troops, you can split them into two when gathering resources. Group A w/ 10k troops gather on this resource tile and Group B w/ 10k troops will gather on a different resource tile. The reason for this is you're trying to gather the most amount resource in the shortest amount of time. Think of it this way, if you gather on 1 resource tile with your whole army and it takes 2 hours to fill the capacity of your troops then dividing your army into two will also cut the amount of time gathering since it will take less time to fill 10k troops. So if you have an army limit of 3 divide your armies into three when gathering so forth and so on.[/justify]

[justify]4. This is dependent on how you monitor your castle. If you're always away or you just check your castle every few hours then it might be better to train tier 1 siege troops since it has the highest capacity per troop with the lowest cost to train. I believe when you are attacked in a resource tile your troops will die. It won't go to the hospital thus negate having hospitals. In a situation like this, i suggest training tier 1 siege troops because they have the highest capacity among tier 1 troops, cheaper and less time consuming to train. I am not saying not to train higher tier troops. You still need them to unlock other parts of your turf but it is good to have some spare tier 1 siege troops that can gather in the world map without you worrying it being attacked.[/justify]

[justify]5. Unlock skirmish areas as soon as possible in your turf. Unlocking this area gives you extra area to build buidings. This is critical especially if your depending more on resource production rather than resource gathering. I am not saying you shouldn't gather. Gathering is still i vital part of surviving. You just need to prioritize unlocking the skirmish area so you can build more buildings that produces resource so in an event of an attack and you cannot gather since you won't have any troops available because they are in the hospital, you can rely on this buildings to support you in giving resources. I unlocked skirmish 6 with 20k tier 2 troops and i unlocked skirmish 7 with 30k tier 2 troops.[/justify]

[justify]6. Conserve the resources and speedups in your bag. Use it in case of an emergency when you can't gather in the world map for whatever reasons. Bottom line here is always have an emergency resource to use in your bag when it is too risky to gather in the world map. This will be your primary source for resources when you are still healing your troops from an attack and use speedups to instantly heal your troops if you feel it is necessary. So always have around 500k worth of every resource in your bag.[/justify]

[justify]7. Always have 1 relocator and 1 shield available in your bag. This is a must since surviving means evading and avoiding conflict until you are ready to fight![/justify]

[justify]8. Spend your gems on getting your vip to 9 as fast as possible. This is the best way you can spend your gems early in the game. It gives you tons of benefits from player exp increase, resource production boosts, auto complete guild and admin quests, free acceleration for construction.[/justify]

[justify]9. Join a guild. It is very hard to survive on your own for a game like this. Guild give you lots of benefits. Your guildmates can give assist you by giving resource in time of need, you can kill world map monsters for the rewards, guildmate can reinforce your castle with their troops when your being attacked, access to guild shop which have items that are important like shields and relocator. Have your guild build good relations with other guilds especially around your area. They can warn you if there is an attack and prepare for it in advance. Cooperation with your guildmates is the key. Help each other out. Take turns in monitoring your guild for attacks and have them mail all members if there is an attack.[/justify]

[justify]10. Use your guild points to buy resource production boosts. It increases your production by 25% which is not bad and 7 days costs only around 19k guild points. See the benefits of having a guild ;)[/justify]

[justify]11. Try to always use your gold coins. Most attacks comes from seeing you as a resource. Imagine yourself being seen as a source of food for stronger guilds/players. If they scout you and saw you having a lot of gold coins stored then you are more likely to be attacked since golds doesn't benefit from vaults. Vaults are building that protect your stored resources by a certain amount from being plundered by other players. It protects food, stone, wood and ore. Gold is the only resource it is not protecting. So they can plunder every gold you have. Gold is valuable because it is needed for research mostly so as much as possible spend your gold. The more you have gold the more you lose.[/justify]

[justify]12. If someone is attacking you or your guild, what you can do is to check if anyone from your guildmate is using a shield. If there is, you can reinforce him/her with your army and viola instant shield for you. Again, benefits of having a guild. ;) So upgrade your embassy whenever possible. Embassy are buildings that allows you to deploy or hold allied troops in your castle. The higher the level of your embassy the more you can hold. This is really helpful since shields and relocators are kind of expensive to buy when bought using gems or guild coins.[/justify]

[justify]13. Hire heroes with skills that increases your resource production and boosts for construction or research. Some heroes have administrative skills, meaning you only need to hire them for their skills to activate unlike skills that are described as logistics or tactics which only activate when you attack with them (i think XD). Heroes that increases resource production are Oath Keeper (food production), Sea Squire (stone production), Death Archer (ore production), Incinerator (timber production), Death Knight (stone production ), Elementalist (food production), Soul forger (gold production), Tracker (ore production), Rose Knight (timber production). Heroes that boosts construction or research are Scarlet bolt (construction), The Big Guy (construction) (obtainable only thru gem packages), Sage of storms (construction), Trickster (research). After hiring them you can increase the effect of their administrative skills by increasing their grade Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Legendary (purple), Mythical (yellow). You can increase their grade by collecting a specific amount of medals which you can acquire thru certain stages depending on what medal you are collecting. Use your own discretion when deciding which to get first. [/justify]

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I would use all guild coins to buy VIP points aswell. I can't stress the importance of VIP enough.

That said great guide! :)

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Very informative, well done

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Well played.

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