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[Chat(Android)] Dumbest kvk ever

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Posted on 2018-09-29 11:25:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

This time, the kvk is so boring.  No tiles to attack.  Everybody playing safe. No one on one fights but mostly rallies. Kingdoms might does not match and loopsided. IGG is heading towards the drain. There are having brain drain. To have lords ball in kvk is the most silly thing to do. Let's leave this game folks.

Posted on 2018-09-29 11:57:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Unless I missed something.... the old Kvk gave an opportunity for ALL members to earn points and have fun.  That is the point to have fun.  Now if you are not strong enough, you can't participate, you just can't.  You will have to bubble during KVK instead of taking whatever your hero could do at your might to grow.  KVK used to be a time to get lots of kills but in this format only the huge players are out.  
Everyone needs to be able to participate for the good of there hero, their guild and the fun of the game.  If not some will never grow and WILL quit.  You should not have to buy one thing to play this game and IGG is making it almost impossible with the new upgrades, new hero's and now a new event you can only win by spending money.  
Shame on IGG for forgetting their customers.  :(