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[Chat(Android)] Merging With A Larger More Active Guild. Oh The Joys. Oh, The Work.

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Posted on 2018-07-09 12:39:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

So, I stay away from the Diplomacy Board.  Okay, I do not really respond on the Diplomacy Board.  I do check to see what is going on when there is a message.  I happen to do that a couple of weeks ago, and I am glad I not only read, but responded.  The leader of in the neighboring guild requested we merge.  So my thoughts were, “Say what now?”.  My written response was, “Yes, that sound interesting”.  I am a R4 so speaking is really what my leader would have to do.  I brought the information to him.  He is a leader, a boss so to speak.  Who really wants to give that up?  I do not think many people would, and in the end he decided not to come with us.  That still saddens me.  

The first night just five of us left to see how that guild was.  I started with a “Message All” to explain who I was. I then went searching for a Darknest.  I went for a level 2.  That was something we barely could get done in my former guild.  As that was on count down I hunted a Monster.  I saw my gift and tried not to cry.  Lol.  My former guild’s gift level was a 1.  My new guild’s level is a 13.  If your level is higher you are scoffing my pitiful gift level.  Lol.  If your level is lower you are admiring those numbers.

That night  I had participated in at least four Darknest before I went to sleep.  None was a level 1.  I had a guild mate — who came with me from my former guild — message me how he loved being in a more active guild.  I agreed with him.  Here is the thing.  I really thought I would have less to do.  I was a very active R4.  I thought I was going to be an R3 and have to work my way up.  I did not ask to be an R4, because I needed a break.  I just wanted to play.  Period.  Lol.  So that did not happen.  

My new leader placed me in the R4 position before the evening was over so that I could accept my fellow guild mates application until my leader came.  Since that never happened I stayed R4.  I also requested the duties I gave myself in my old guild, recruiter.  That is not easy to do.  I do not just send the invitations.  I send a message to each recruit also.  That is what usually gets them.  In my opinion.  Not just the invitations.  Also, it does not hurt to inform them of the gift levels if they are high.  Now, I am looking for new mergers. I had a guild leaders contact me ….  Yeah, I am now more busy.  Lol.  I love it.  

So if you are a R4 or R5 and thinking about merging remember if you have a decent new leader he is going to put you in charge of your old guild mates, and your easy time to play may not happen until the guild grows very large.  Lol.  Also, always remember you are not the leader any longer.  That should not worry you for you wanted to merge for a reason.

Hope you like my story.  Please leave comments, and also message me, Nilly55, with any questions.

Posted on 2018-07-09 17:48:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you are looking for a merger, it might be a good idea to mention your guild name/might, kingdom, if you're up for migrating, etc.