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[Chat(Android)] Have you been bullied by IGG team for unfair?

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Posted on 2018-06-27 01:53:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

I recently just had a major issue with them for doing a charge back on a pack due to them not giving me what is said before buying I got a message from the developer threatening to suspend my account indef for doing a charge back even though those god damned chinese fucks were wrong yea I said it because those are the only people in the world who thinks they can do what they want without paying a price well these fuckers are going to now im going to have their google account taken their itunes and paypal when Im done and top it off slapping a suit for bullying. Should I be pissed? Lets see I emailed them told them to take it out of the account so no big deal right? Wrong those bitches seen money that was not theirs gone and wanted it back. I swear to god if I ever run across a IGG member they are going to wish I didnt im so pissed at them its unreal. So if you have been untreated by these fucks leave a message Im having a lawyer look into it and who knows if you were bullied into  paying them for their wrong then you will walk away happy when its done because im burning these fucks hard. Excuse the language it seems its the only way to get attention these days from bitches like these Looks like their bullshit games got their heads big and thats good because their going to need the money to pay people for compensation