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[Chat(Android)] Igg Bullies in purchases? Gets pissed off threatening

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Posted on 2018-06-26 12:40:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

These chinese fks at igg  are prob the most ignorant arses around. Let me explain this I bought a pack that next to an item has a number which would indicate that is what you get in it right? Wrong!! I emailed them to tell them and pretty much got a fk you deal with it. I told them to take the crap pack out of my account. Easy and simple to do right? WRONG! SO since they tried to make me pay for it I did a refund through my google account in which you can do within 48hrs without hearing these fools say we are sorry blah blah blah. So I sign in and have a message from the small dik dev team saying that If I dont resolve the chargeback within 3 days their going to block my account now the last time I checked I did my part to resolve the problem and now since I did my part they are trying to bully me into taking the chargeback off or lose my account. Im trying to grasp the concept of who the fk these slant eyes think they are to do this to someone when they are the ones who fkd up. You wouldnt pay for rotten milk if you were buying fresh right? So why the fk would I pay for something not given when it was listed? This is fun to do because im slapping a suit against IGG now due to their practice. SO if anyone has a purchase issue def do a chargeback after so many they lose their google account and itunes then their greedy uneducated arses can fk off. I support any and all who is located near them to also wait outside the building and beat the sht out of anyone who walks out of it mainly the ones in suits and bigger ones. Prove to them they are human and can still be beat down from 2 inches of their life. Please support the beatings of IGG employees