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30 mil active player looking for a guild to grow with

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In game name, Kingdoms or willing to migrate, method of contact

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~Birds of feather stick together
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Hi there. I am from the guild [S1M] called Alice1804. Our guild is really good and think you will enjoy it. We do regular rallies and fight lots of monsters. We are also in alliance with some other guilds as well. If you are interested in joining, please contact me or any r4/5 members of our guild

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If you still looking for a guild I'm based at 44. Send me a PM at LadyM Undead

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[TSP]True Spartans Kingdom 275
Looking for strong players that like to fight and are active.
Please Check us out

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Jack Wraith ... 12,405
I just started.
What i want from you ... English speaking guild with active players to help get gear, heros, bonuses and stuff ...
What you get from me ... English speaking player that can run the game in the background while i work on my computer so asside from volunteer hours i spend each week helping low income families with self sufficiency ... and driving wildland firefighters to and from fires during fire season ... I am and can be on the majority of most days.
I am Autistic and pick up game mechanics quickly ... I would like to join your guild asap as i currently have a free move ... First to fit is the first to get ...

Good luck ... Thank you all for your time ...