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[Chat(Android)] Migration and execution??????

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Posted on 2018-05-13 16:53:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey. Maybe someonecan help with advice.
Whats happens when ypur leader are on execution and you want to migrate to other kingdom?

Posted on 2018-05-13 17:59:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

You can still migrate, as can the person holding your leader. There's no real difference because of it.

Posted on 2018-05-14 01:07:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

It doesn't really matter. Once your hero Is executed then they'll just die and revive in a certain amount of time. No matter where you are.

Hope that helps :)

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Posted on 2018-05-14 05:06:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just consider the remains of your leader being shipped across great distances free of charge

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