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[Suggestion] Transfer prisoners amongst guildmates but allow them to be intercepted by enemy

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Posted on 2018-02-07 14:38:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

It's a bit of an outlandish idea but imagine if you could capture a leader and then send that leader to a guildmate for them to defend. It would mean that 2nd player would be getting any perks gained from having or executing the leader and would show up that they have it through the usual marker above a players turf. I was thinking of maybe a cost for having captured leaders travel from one player to another using gold, along the lines of 100k gold per leader to move but I'm not so sure on implementing this cost part.

For a prisoner to be sent from one player to another they would have to have a slow travel time (Although you can speed them up through use of boots) This is so an attacking army has a chance to catch up and intercept, with this "ambush/rescue" army corresponding to the max amount of troops you can send at a time along with heroes, including your leader.
You can send troops along with the travelling prisoner(s) to defend but wouldn't be able to send heroes to accompany them. This keeps the amount of troops to send out at a smaller amount then possible attackers, this is to prevent leaders captured but also for a risky but fun way to keep a hold of a prisoner whilst also giving players a chance to intercept and get them back.

The design of the troop carrying a prisoner would look very similar to that of the supply troops but rather then resource bags in the wooden cart a metal cage with The captured leader gripping the bars or laying on the floor in the same way as if they had died in battle. I think it would be easier to keep the image as the oath keeper rather then show several different leaders images.

With this idea you could either send multiple captured leader sat once, with each leader added to the prisoner cart making the journey last longer but would be capped at a maximum of 3 leaders sent at a time. Sending 1 leader from a turf to another beside it could take 30 seconds to get there, 2 leader would take 35 seconds, 3 leaders taking 45 seconds.

If a prisoner is being escorted past your base then the travel time to intercept would be cut down drastically as both marching armies shall be meeting head-on, a possible attack boost could be applied to the attackers. When an attacker's troops encounter the travelling prisoners escort the battle could commence in the same way as it would if you attacked a camp, with both armies just running towards each other keeping in the selected formation. Although an added visual effect could be the prisoners cage at the back of the defending army, which if reached by the attackers would break open making the freed leader have the same animation to that of being levelled up ( E.g Oath keeper raising his sword) the leader would then travel back to their home turf.

Although this idea has quite a few flaws, which I'm happy to smooth out with anybody, it would be great to implement in the game. It's an exciting way to handle prisoners which could be risky and pay off well or go horribly wrong for either player and  could be tried out by anybody over castle 17. As below that prisoners can't be executed anyway.