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[Suggestion] How to VASTLY improve game balance

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Posted on 2018-01-11 16:04:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

The game, as it is, is neither fun, fair or competitive. It is far too pay to win.

1 Game play improvements

Something needs to be done to allow returning troops to go into the shelter faster. It's not fair that a much stronger player can sit next to you wait as your troops come back from a raid and follow them to your base and wipe you out.

Improve tediousness. This game is plenty repetitive enough. Give open all button for Guild and Admin Quests. Give open all button for guild gifts sooner.

Calculate the resources in my bag for me so I know how much 150k times 489 is without having to get the calculator.

2. Place limits on higher bases for attacking lower ones. A level 25 castle shouldn't be allowed to bully castles lower than level 17 over and over and over. This decreases the competitiveness of the game and causes people to quit. The current set up incentivizes castle 25 players to beat up on low level bases and then brag about their kills which were worthless.

Player stats should show how many of what tier troop a player has killed as well. It is getting pretty ridiculous that players with T4 troops are thumping their chest about 100 million kills when all they did was attack a bunch of low level bases.

Lower levels players that have their bases attacked shouldn't lose as much resources or troops, and infirmaries at lower levels should hold more troops. It should also cost less resources and time to heal the troops if they get wiped by a higher level player.  There should be a sliding scale as to how much resources a lower level base can hold or at what amount a higher level player could get 100% of the resources to avoid players dumping all resources to a low level account which would basically create a bank.

There needs to be protections in place for lower level player so they want to stick with the game. Many quit due to bullying from players hundreds or thousands of times stronger than them. The game should look to increase competitiveness against similar level opponents.

3. Costs for lower level players should not be as much as for higher level players. It shouldn't cost 1500 gems for a castle 10 player to relocate or 270k guild coins. Give lower level players a discount to encourage them to play longer and level up more.

4. Heroes - The hero situation is not at all fair. People who pay for high level heroes that can only be attained through packs can train more troops faster and their attacks cause more damage due to all the bonuses the pay heroes have. The heroes need to be made available to everyone eventually. Maybe when a hero is released it is exclusive to the pay to win people for 6 months, then becomes available to the casual players. Same for equipment. It's not fair for people to pay for the best equipment to wipe out people who can't afford it.

Please consider these solution to make the game more fun, more competitive, and more enjoyable for all levels of play, which should increase your downloads and total number of paying players.

Posted on 2018-01-12 01:50:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Either you build a trap or rally trap. It's simple.
They can recover their troops but can't recover the losing feeling.

Nothing else can replace the trust from others which was given to you.