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[Suggestion] AGAIN hero medals Pay2LOSE price and 'cooldown'

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Posted on 2021-07-25 07:08:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Medals for Paid heroes are ridiculously expensive to get to gold (not worth considerring the quality of the game and how you are nobody compared to mega boosters who pay 11,000$++ for mythical champion set, mythical everything, gold medals every hero in a bad mobile game). BUT when we bother to pay few hundreds for that... the least you can do is not throw shlt in our faces to those who pay!

How many times I see at coloseum I get owned in the top 10 to 20 ranks by some FREEbies who have WHITE paid heros, and im like purple, and get owned by these few thousands might below. I am top in the ranks so I know counters and that counters matter but I do pretty standard lineups that are supposed to own.

You know what happens? Sometimes cant beat one white/green grader 5-6 times but I chuckle when I be at from first time someone who gold all their paid heroes then again purple to gold isn't such a big difference. Even so that's not OK. I who dislike this game for playing it that long decided to spend money, so should anyone else if they want to be on the top of colosseum. This is otherwise throwing our money in the garbage.

IM SORRY BUT YOU WANT TO MAKE PEOPLE PAY crapload of money BUT AT THE SAME TIME NOT GET ADVANTAGE FOR IT?? This is the most retarded about this system in any online game.

Skins are also expensive, for the money you want for some castle skin you are supposed to get a bunch of buildings in the new skin for that money... like properly made (PC/non mobile phone game) games?

Back to hero medals.. WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT WEEKS to buy what I need? PAY TO Still NOT get how you want it!!!

You do it to not allow someone who starts account to destroy all if they had gold heroes? But maybe you are not that dumb to just put requirement Castle 25 or requirement lvl 60 and allow us to buy if we want ALL ON ONE DAY. Do you think im that foolish to pay you triple the price (as the price goes after the first purchase of the same on the same day).

So obv just allow people who have reached some end level of upgrades to buy if they want on one day, im waiting to upgrade 2 heroes medals cant see them for over a week... At least make them more often of not on same day...

Who is really that stupid to pay quadriple the price to get them on the same day?

Posted on 2021-07-25 07:26:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

- Paid heros to gold should be really hard to beat by white/green graders (im sorry f2P peeps but I paid for that hated game so imagine to waste my money just because you want to be able to deal the same damage for FREE) OR reduce the medals price if they will stay that beatable gold heroes
- Make a lot more occurences of available medals to buy - sometimes im waiting for almost 2 weeks to be able to buy the medals for the same hero again... completely pointless
- Reduce skin price but who cares, I wasted on few, im not gonna collect that useless thing

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Posted on 2021-08-06 10:26:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

LAST YEAR FEW HEROES WOULD BE MORE OFTEN, Now it's ONE HERO per DAY + One hero from previous day = WAIT 4 months + to upgrade to gold? I KNOW IT IS GAME OF COWARDS WHO ONLY FIGHT IN UNFAIR SIZES but Will the billion mighters lose if you gave us some obvious - BE ABLE TO GET MEDALS MORE OFTEN??? 2021-08-06 10:23:20
Nicknm : Ofc that is if the garbage IGG read any of their won forum 2021-08-06 10:24:34