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[Suggestion] Suggestions for IGG to add to LM

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Posted on 2021-03-30 12:15:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello I have been playing since k73 and I am recently getting sick of the p2w of the game and I have come up with a few suggestions that will not make you lose money from the p2w players but will make life just a tiny bit easier for the f2p players

1. The C25 100 Ap daily quest will pick a random chest of a gear type and give that the number accordingly so f2p monsters give 10 chests and stuff like cottageroar hootclaw and gawrillas will give 4 and can also get 2 slayer or steampath or 1 champ chest nothing to crazy but will still help and dont make champ ones 1 time every year give everything an equal chance of being picked.

2.make it where you can buy packs with gems and dont make the 20$ champ pack 500k gems make it where its 1k gems per $ for every pack so battle prowess is 5k and 100$ champ pack is 100k

3.this one is a small change please make homeward bind not need skillstones.

4.please put more useful stuff in the cargo ship yes everyone loves resources and every now and then you can get a Wolfpack sigil or something nice but make those more common and add more stuff that's hard for f2p players to get I dont know if the cargo ship has this already but for example archaic tomes.

5.please add more levels too the treasure trove so it can go to like level 17 because that and the Colosseum is where 99% of f2p gems come from and f2p players NORMALLY not all but NOTMALLY f2p lineups in the collo get you nowhere

Thanks for reading anyone reading this that has a suggestion to help f2p players please tell me and I might think of more later IGG I dont really care how many you implement but please add as many as you can but even one will help so much (ps please if you only pick one PLEASE make it the buying packs with gems one)

Posted on 2021-03-30 21:31:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

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