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[Suggestion] Ability to activate/deactivate the auto option

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Posted on 2020-06-08 18:53:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys,

Yesterday I've raised a bug were I've explained what is wrong with the new upgrade you've done in regards to the auto option for resources and speed ups, one of your colleagues said that this new implementation actually helps the big guys and if I'm dissatisfied to submit a suggestion asking for the ability to activate and deactivate the auto opinion.
I think that this option will actually be very helpful as some of us want to use rss and speeds in the old system, by picking myself what I want to use and how much, like I told to your colleague, maybe I don't want to speed up until the last second and I just want that particular thing to finish in one hr time... Currently I can't pick myself what pacts of rss I want to open for the ship, it's forcing me to use it's suggestion, with which I totally disagree as I don't want to use some pacts, I want to save them for when I really don't have any other option in which to get to the amount needed, to have the least wastage, so I have to leave the cargo ship, add the food I want and then go back in the cargo to make the exchange... That's just absolutely silly... So please add the ability to activate/deactivate the auto option.

Many thanks,