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[Suggestion] Add a new shield option

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Posted on 2019-09-12 02:18:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Too long; didn't read at the bottom.
Also I'm sorry if I forgot to address any important point.

Main issue: 

The longest shield available on Lords Mobile is 14 days long, and that may not be enough for someone that's taking time off for a vacation(possibly in a place without signal), for exam preparation, for health problems, et cetera.

Possible solution:

Create a new package available that has a special 30 days shield, the new shield should pause the inactivity timer on the castle so it doesn't get relocated.

Balancing options:

The main way to balance this new shield is to make reinforcements and garrisons not available on the shielded guildmate.

Additional options would be to negate possible actions such as training, gathering, building or researching on the shielded castle, although this can be harder to implement with only a slight benefit to balancing.

Additional thoughts(more like "Q&A session with myself"):

Why not just make it a 30 days version of the maintenance shield?

That could be an idea that's easier to implement but apart from the possible weird interactions with the real maintenance shield, I am sure someone will have developed enough muscle memory to accidentally log in, and having a 30 days shield expire that way doesn't sound good.

Why not add an option for "Vacation Mode" which can freeze your account for 30 days, so you're unable to interact with the game until you turn the mode off?

That sounds like a nightmare to implement, and mostly unnecessary, since the only way to abuse this shield that comes to mind would be to have your guildmates station their troops at your castle and not worry about them for 30 days, the other actions you can already do with the available 14 days shield without real setbacks.

Why add it as a pack option instead of the gem mall?

That way it can be easier to offer it on special occasions like major holidays and such, although I would love to see it in the bargain store or gem mall, so f2p people can get it too, but that's not up to me to decide.

Any real additional thoughts that doesn't fit in a Q&A format?

Well yes, thank you for asking this question my-past-self so I don't have to break the format. Although I am pretty sure that even if the 30 days option would satisfy the general need, someone in weird circumstances may need a longer shield, so an option for the support to give out a longer shield(if they can't do that already, and not necessarily for free, mind you) after understanding the situation would be nice.


Suggestion for a 30 days shield, under which you can't get reinforced or garrisoned.

Posted on 2019-09-13 19:04:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

I always wondered why not a longer shield life than 14 days.