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[Suggestion] reduce the number of events per month

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Posted on 2018-12-06 22:33:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Its kinda ridiculous. I like the game and being in a guild but with the constant kvk, showdown, guild fest crap, its getting old. Oh i like the rewards but the game is becoming less fun and more of a chore. Hey like the events and crap but seems like you get just a few days off and then yall jam all three events together and you have a freaken week of non stop events.

I totally get yall want to waste so much of our time we cant play other games, but come on guys.. lay off on that a bit.

Posted on 2018-12-07 04:59:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah I getcha, gf every week along with kvk get tiresome. They should be extended out

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