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[Suggestion] Thank you IGG (no sarcasm)

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Posted on 2018-07-04 03:00:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

I just wanted to take the time to mention that the state of Lords mobile over this past year or so has been very good in my opinion.  Lords mobile always treated f2p and light spenders very well when compared to other mmorts games.  My original kingdom was k21 so I've been around for a decent amount of time.  The two biggest issues were always the power creep of premium heroes and gear as time went on.  Dream witch used to be extremely powerful and only have 10 medals at the $5 pack range.  She was the only hero of her type (army attack and army HP boost) at the time and really couldn't be matched by any other hero aside from watcher.  Then we started getting all these other heroes like songstress, berserker, lore weaver, prince of thieves, and storm fox who either gave better boosts or were just cheaper.  Heroes like dream witch were power crept out of the game so anyone who spent money on her lost out.

Then comes gear.  Back when I first started, the only monster gear available was frostwing, snow beast, gryphon, and terror thorn.  All were powerful and gave significant advantages over free gear at the time.  Eventually, these were power crept out of the game too by things like hell drider set and queen bee.  Now, the only reason to use any of the older sets is for very niche purposes which are not worth the money if you buy the $5 packs.

Both of these problems though, have not resurfaced within the past year or so.  The few heroes and pieces of gear that outmatch the gear and heroes from a year ago are all completely out of reach for anyone but the top 0.01% of the player base and give such a slim advantage that it only really makes a difference in wonder wars.  There have been no p2p jewels that outclass f2p jewels in terms of combat stats as far as I know. The new gear released has all been centered around non combat aspects of the game and the material madness packs make it feasible for light spenders to get decent gear if they play long enough.

As a player who quit for about 9 months before returning about 2 months ago, I'm very satisfied with the fact that the gear and heroes I had a year ago are still viable today and I can still play the game with some degree of competence.  The constant power creep of everything I had is part of what dissuaded me from continuing to play, but now that it seems power creep isn't constantly making old content obsolete and instead, the game is just expanding to incorporate new content (familiars for example) I feel comfortable in continuing to play and invest in this game.  I feel that this is the proper direction for Lords mobile and look forward to more of the same in the future.