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[Suggestion] New Pet and New item for them

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Posted on 2018-07-03 10:04:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello EveryBody,

i have seen that’s pets have good effects but not enought.. i thinks they can take a good place in the game, so that’s why i will make the suggestion of a new pets and an item for them
1°) [NEW ITEM] The Pets meal

This object work like the hearts for hero adventure but under some conditions. It’s can be used a limita mout of time (minus than the hearts) and allow to refresh directly a pets capacity. It’s don’t replace the needed item, it’s just for removing the waiting time. like for upgrading pets the needed amout increase after each use of one and the item could be sell à 2,500 gems and no guild coins (it’s allow IGG to create a store pack for getting it more speedly)
The maximum amout of use will be increase by the VIP and wil up on this format :

  • From VIP 1 to 7 : 2 use
  • From VIP 7 to 15 : increase of  1 by VIP level

This evolution allow player to use at maximum 10 pets meel for prevents spam pets power
I have already the ideas to make a difference based on pact level for the amout of pets meel to use maybe pact I et II : 1 pet food and for each pact level after you increse the needed item of 1.

2°) [NEW PET] The Losten shield – Pact II

This one will improve the walls durability from 0.5% to 10% for his passive power
He will got an active power, he will give a random shield (from 2H maybe it’s an idea to create it and give it on monster level 1 to shield of 24H) all of this based on pourcentage of loot witch could be like :

  • 2H Shield :          44%
  • 4H Shield :          33%
  • 8H Shield :          18%
  • 12H Shield :        4.5%
  • 24H Shield :        0.5%

And each level of upgrade will discrease the remaining time before use.

I got a lot’s of other idea i will written then a lots before to post them for making a good explaination and maybe graph and/or image.
If you read this, thanks a lot’s for checking my idea, do not hesitate to make me feed back on my idea it’s could help me a lot’s for the next idea i gona post :D