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[Suggestion] [Suggestion] Let us convert jewels into different types.

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Posted on 2018-07-02 15:18:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

It doesn't feel good as a player to open jewel chests and get jewels that almost no player wants (trap atk./def., siege/wall, troop def. jewels to an extent), and it doesn't look good to have an inventory filled with junk. I understand why IGG will never implement an auctionhouse/marketplace to prevent stacking items to your main account from numerous alt farm accounts. But these are our own jewels that are just collecting dust in our inventory. Please give us a way to convert jewels into different types. Here are some ideas. 

An unlockable expansion to the cargo ship with a trading fee in gems to trade jewels. 
Say it lets me trade a blue trap def. jewel for a blue cavalry def. jewel for X amount of gems. Or 12 hours later it refreshes and lets me trade a green siege atk. jewel to a green infantry atk. jewel for X amount of gems.

An unlockable expansion to the transmutation lab with a conversion fee in gems to convert jewels.
It could be a random conversion or we could select a specific type of jewel we want but it degrades the jewel. Say I can pay X amount of gems to convert a blue siege def. jewel to another random blue jewel. Or maybe I could pay X amount of gems to convert a blue siege def. jewel to a green range atk. jewel because I need some range atk. 
We could take the idea further and give the conversion success rates and use a dark essence as a catalyst. Say I put a jewel in the lab with a lvl 25 dark essence, 24 hours later, the conversion has a 75% chance of success and 25% chance of failure. A lower lvl dark essence would have much a lower success rate than higher lvl essences.

An unlockable expansion to the workshop to crush jewels into material, then craft them back.
Crush unwanted jewels into magic dust that is a material towards jewel crafting.  Maybe we can use resource materials like amber/ancient bark/fur pelts/platinum with magic dust and craft offerings. Then place the offerings to Athena in our altar to get jewels? 
For example, I crush 20 common jewels for 20 dust, combine the dust with some vines, linen, platinum, to create a bright offering, then place the bright offering in the altar. 48 hours later the offering is consumed and it gives me a common cavalry jewel atk. jewel. 

Tweak the ideas, mix the ideas, or change them completely! I thought of these off the top of my head so there may be some better ideas out there that make more sense or are more in line with game balance. Post your thoughts and I hope the dev team takes a look at our suggestions and implements at their discretion but with inspiration.