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[Suggestion] Kingdom Restrictions

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Posted on 2018-05-14 03:33:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

with almost 340 kingdoms now. and low population on some and others with high population, but majority with low population i just want to ask if there have ever ben any toughts about bringing restriction to kingdoms?

Breaking Rules such as might restrivtion, inactivity in low pop kingdoms etc will migrate you from kingdom and to K1 where it all started. if you have any ideas of your own drop a comment. if you see issues with why nothing off this will work please tell me why.

population cap.
might cap.
Attack restrictions.
Troop number count.
Hungry Troops.

know many will hate the idea or even just the tough about it, but i think it would be a good way to help each player join in a kingdom that suits them both long and short term.
the game is reaching so many kingdoms that getting better servers wont be enough eventually. keeping the servers we have todays and one training server for each player when they start playing and forcing you to move eventually. making a system that helps players find a kingdom that suits them afthert the firts 90days in the game.

Low Population Kingdom

-You get grouped against other low pop kingdoms.
-Shorter inactive time that cause you to be ported away
-Kvk grouping against same type kingdom
-More personal comunity in these kingdoms as you will more easily remember each player in here.

Might Capped

-You wont face people impossible to rally.

-More balanced envirement for everyones liking.

-Going above Might capp will result in turf getting ported away afther a timer runs out.

i feel like titan guilds allready play in their own league and this should not be a issue.

Gear restrictions.

Let us take a level 55kingdom as example.

you will have talents, heroes and everything like normal. this kingdom would only affect you so you wont be able to use level 60gear. i know many semi spenders or F2P players would or should love this. you will give a new arena for people to play on and it would be a intensive competition in its own way.

-you loose bonuses from level 60gear. like monster hunting healm, research from wyrm helm, familiar bonuses from Bone Staff. making it so if you dont belong here it will be a setback for your guild.

-kvk grouping against same type players.

-own baron setup for people in these kingdoms.

Tier restriction.

let's use a Tier 2 Kingdom as example here.

you wil be limmited to only use Tier 2 troops/traps while fighting. if you have Tier 3 or T4 they will be put on a bench where they can not be used to attack or defend turf. you still have option to make T3 or T4 troops or traps.

-level 3, 4 and 5 tiles swapped out with level 1 and 2 tiles.

-monsters level 3, 4 and 5 wont be found in this kingdom.

-kvk will be placed against people of simulare restrictions.

-new players fresh out off protection phase will have a place to go without feeling left out without T4 unlocked.

-strong players can migrate here to have fun with low tier troops. it is going to get boring eventually

-unable to join baron or Battle royal (limmiting the benefits for being here.

-eventually mix it with the Gear Restriction based on Tier limmit.

Attack restrictions.

idea here is to make some rules where you can only attack some certain people. still anyone can fill rally, but you will have to be able to rely on every member in diffrent might gaps

-less then 10% of your own might. 100mil you cant attack any one below 90mil. (hitting some one will still let you hit them trough battle fury duration.)

-make it level based.

-make your own rules. and let people be creative to find ways to play these places best possible ways.

-(suggestion)wonders will be locked and be desided in a way any guild can get it each week. hell events, monster kills, rss gathered, troops killed, might grown, helps sendt etc

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Posted on 2018-05-14 16:29:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Wont work, the game isnt designed to keep players long term. It's a cash grab game lol. Either spend a lot at first or get zeroed every day.

Posted on 2018-05-15 00:06:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hmm. How will thesend restrictions be kept in place as users are constantly evolving at a different pace. I'd lover to hear what your ideas on this are :)

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