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[Suggestion] Permakingdoms

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Posted on 2018-04-17 14:02:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

I was very much enjoying growing in Lords Mobile, but then a frightening event happened, lol, the unprotection of our kingdom. I didn't think it would be as bad as it has become. I used to be in the 100s - 300s in Colosseum, even though only level 57 and 2 rare 3 uncommon heroes. Within hours after kingdom protection ended, the floodgates opened and ultra-strong guilds invade the entire kingdom. I've dropped to 1,300 in Colosseum and there's STILL level 60 players this low. So many of the familiar names I battled in the higher rankings I'm now seeing in my much lower rankings with me, Colosseum. I'm trying to get stronger but I'm F2P, not rich like so many who play this game. It's basically breaking the game when kingdoms become unprotected. If anything, 90 days is barely enough time to even get Castle 25, still building mine now. Should be at least 6 months if protection.

One of my thoughts is do away with kingdom migration, and you can still keep KvK, but after the event, they are automatically transported back to their former spot. Another idea is to make migration a very short window, like 2 - 5 minutes, like maybe on a weekly or monthly basis, like an open-enrollment kinda thing. Newer players get so unnecessarily screwed over after just 90 days when 10,000x stronger players come pouring in on day 1 of migration and disrupt the flow across the board.

Another idea I have is to have a mixture of 2 kinds of servers (kingdoms). Have some kingdoms that never allow migration. You can only migrate in and out if you originated from that kingdom. You can then still have the migration kingdoms that are protected for a time and then allow migration. When you first join Lords Mobile, you'll choose which kind of kingdom to be in. If you play for the 3 months in a never-migrate kingdom, you could have the option of leaving the kingdom, but either no re-entry allowed, or allow it up to a certain might level if you originated from this kingdom.

Something has to be done with this balance in migration because while it makes the gameplay better and more exciting and awesome for billion- might players and guilds, it essentially breaks the gameplay for newer players especially when they don't have the real money to compete with pay2win players. I personally think the enjoyable MMO games are fully F2P with paying only allowed for customize-based functions like skins or other helpfull UI or functional changes. But I just don't see IGG giving up some real money to achieve a better player experience for all, and keep things more balanced.

Oh and I just thought of another awesome idea. Start off with newly-unprotected kingdoms with a maximum might allowance when you migrate to it, and maybe even a higher might cap, which would mean no more building it researching it anything that increases might could be done unless you move to a higher kingdom. Then over time, the maximum night I will increase as the newer players will eventually be strong enough. It's ridiculous how right away after protection ends, the most strongest guilds in the whole entire Lords Mobile universe can just pour right on through like a trojan horse and totally and permanently hijack newer players that have only played for 90 days and have like 15 - 30 million might, compared to their 1, 10, 30+ billion mights. That's a SEVERELY HUGE disparity between newer players and older players, especially when it's the real-world vs. poor gameplay, which wouldn't be as bad if this whole migration issue were more controlled. It's like we play and learn the game and grow for 90 days and then boom, sorry, all progress stops cuz now you're constantly being bombarded in every aspect of the game.

Could an IGG person respond to this with their thoughts on my ideas for better experience and enjoyment of Lords Mobile ?

Posted on 2018-04-20 17:09:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not an IGG person. However, I am a player that shares some of the insight you provided above.

My kingdom recently opened up and left protection as well. The changes happening are not only in the Colosseum, which is drastic, but everywhere else as well. Things such as the Base and Forts during War of Wonders, might rankings, kill rankings, long and short of it, the face of the kingdom has drastically changed. Change is not a bad thing, provided it adds value. 

A challenge I see with no migration allowed kingdoms is that it WILL die. I have seen it before, the player base becomes so low that there is no real reason to play the game anymore. A multiplayer game that has no players kind of thing. 

What I do see working really well is introducing might restricted kingdoms that you can migrate in and out of provided you are within range. This will help with balancing the opposition within the kingdom. Think of boxing, you have weight classes that you can compete in based on your weight so the fight is more balanced. If someone exceeds the weight limit (in this case might limit), they get bumped to the next class (in this case kingdom). This can happen during the reset of each day where the kingdom will move a player whose might exceeds the limit for that kingdom randomly to a kingdom within the next might range/limit.

The world can use a little more positivity, share yours!
Posted on 2018-05-15 11:32:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

Your response gave me another cool idea. New player starts in, let's say, Common kingdom A. Then once they reach a certain threshold, the have to advance to Uncommon kingdom B. Then, Rare kingdom C, Epic kingdom D, and Legendary kingdom E. Could be a player level threshold, or a Might threshold (which is an average of every aspect of advancement in the game). But the beauty of this is that newer players can start in the exact same Common kingdom, so the player-base won't just die-off, and clearly there's so many new players, cuz when I started it was K241, now they're already at K337 after just 4.5 months, lol.

Then, maybe after a certain grade of kingdom, like Epic or legndary, then you go and choose one of the legendary kingdoms because it'll be more permanent, but since there's 10s or 100s of thousands of players in this game, there will still need to be many many kingdoms, but this would only happen for the highest grade kingdom which corresponds to the level or Might of the player.

Posted on 2018-05-16 06:45:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have dealt with the issue listed, as everyone here has.
One issue here is that by making kingdoms might based, all friends you've had in the game are now gone unless you grow equally together.  RIP to guilds caring for eachother...

What would be nice to see, in my opinion, is troop limits.
This would even the playing field rapidly and also promote more constant action.

I see a huge problem with having guilds of 100 players but actively needing the assistance and coordination of 2-3 for a triple rally to take down one person.

To mitigate some of the frustration from older players, the current troops could be placed into "tokens", and upon use, they would refresh back to their max troops until they run out of tokens.  That way, the largest players wouldn't straight up and simply miss out and lose everything they worked for.

My main takeaway though from this isn't necessarily that people are pissed about spending, it's the simple fact that for the average players or even average guild in a new kingdom...  A 1 billion might or higher player alone is almost untouchable to them.  And if you do attempt it... Most 1 billions aren't ever alone...  So now that you've used everything you have to dent them, here comes the other 99 in their guild because you hit their "queen bee". (So to speak).

I hope my idea was relatively understandable.  And I promise you, as a older player (K54 origination), even back then it was a complaint when our bubble got burst.  So I know most people understand your pain...

Posted on 2018-05-16 17:32:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

What about, simply, after you've used your newbie relocator or hit level 5, you can move up (lower k number) but you can never move down.   Make the top 100-200 or so 'elite kingdoms,' once you're there you can move between them freely.