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[Suggestion] Random relocator

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Posted on 2018-04-15 19:30:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Why isn't there a trade option in store or boat that allows you too exchange for example  3 random relocator for 1 normal one? Would be a nice function.

You must not too fight often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.
Posted on 2018-04-15 21:10:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

I think because you get too much random relocator. You can get random relocators from monster chests and others things...

Posted on 2018-04-17 08:48:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Splendid idea! I know that I don’t have any use for something that might spawn me in the middle of an enemy hive or generally on the edge of the world map, and I’m sure many people agree as well. Random relocators are your go-to last choice when you desperately need an escape route, but are otherwise too unpredictable to use for any coordinated offense. Maybe some kind of reforge function that allows you to combine several random relocators into one/more target relocators using gems? Or a gem bought converting blueprint?

Posted on 2018-04-17 10:10:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Using a random and spawning in the middle of a hive is a dream come true for some players, myself included :-)