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[Elite Trainer] FknRite's Guide on Guild Showdown

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Posted on 2017-10-03 17:10:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey everyone this guide is for Guild Showdown. I hope this helps you all to improve on your guilds Showdown battles. 

First of all it is extremely important to remember, ALWAYS send your leader. You do not lose your leader or troops during this event. They do NOT die  or get wounded. Also, you should never send anything less then your maximum tier unlocked. If you have unlocked T4, you don't need T3 meats. If you only have T3, you don't need T1 meats. Send the highest tier possible.

This is the order I try to tell my guild mates to go in to set up there account for Showdown. I will explain in more detail after I list the steps.

1) You need to decide what troops you are going to send. This is the most important.
2) Decide and select your formation!! EXTREMELY important.
3) After knowing which troops you are sending, decide your heroes.
4) Make sure one of the five heroes you are sending is your leader.
5) equip the best gear that suites the strategy.
6) Borrow a level 60 leader from your guild mates if you don't already have one
7) activate turf attack boost
8) activate battle fury
9) Register

Now here is why you do each of those things. Just remember to go back to the order and make sure you have followed all those steps before registering.

1) Deciding your troops - This is actually more important than you may think. There are an endless amount of strategies. For newer players, you want troops that you have the best boosts for. So if you have 4 gold infantry heroes and 1 gold ranged hero, you may want to focus on infantry range. Bring cavalry troops may hurt you. However, If you have 2 range, 1 infantry, 2 cavalry, you will want more of a mixture of troops. Also look at the army boosts your gear gives you. This is what will determine the troops you should bring.

     If you are an experienced player and have several gear sets and Gold heroes then you can play with the strategy a little. You can set up each player (You know its in order of might) so that you alternate troop types. Maybe the first player goes Infantry/Range. The next player goes Cavalry/Infantry. And the Next goes Ranged/Cavalry. This will help prevent one player from going on a 5 win streak. I have gone on a 6 win streak against all T4 players twice because I choose mostly infantry knowing many players go Ranged out front.

2) Formation - Now that you have looked over your gear and Heroes. Do NOT forget to set the correct formation. Nothing is worse than spending a lot of time setting something up and then realizing you missed a small step and everything you did was for nothing. SET YOUR FORMATION!!

3/4) - Heroes - I should not have to say this. If you do not send your leader then it does not matter what gear or talents you have, they will NOT be active. I have seen so many people not send their leaders. I only hope that it is because they have lost it. That would be far less embarrassing then not sending it to the Showdown. You will not lose it during this event.

     There are a few heroes that I like over others. Some are pay some are free. I will start with the free, Goblin Bomber and Rose Knight. The two best Free to Play war heroes in my mind. They both give 20% attack at gold and Rank 7+. This is huge! Attack should be the main boost you look at when deciding heroes, HP is a bonus but is not better than attack.

The best three heroes are Songstress, Lore Weaver and Berserker in my mind. It allows you to use a mixture and makes it hard for you to be countered easily. Just keep in mind. Gold Heroes and Rank 7+ are very important here.

     Pixie, Trickster, Incinerator, Doll, etc are not War heroes. You should never choose a hero that does not add to either Infantry, Ranged or Cavalry attack. Administrative and Siege boosts do nothing here. If you have any questions on what Heroes you should choose feel free to message me in game or ask your guild. They should always be willing to help you with your set up!

5) Gear - Choosing gear is very important. You want to make sure that you are bringing the gear that is best for the troops you will bring. Lets say your best piece of gear adds 10% ranged attack and 10% ranged HP. If you are not going to have many ranged troops and your ranged are not going to be out front. It would be smarter to go with a piece of gear that adds 3% attack to army and 3% health to army. Just remember, Color is not always better. A gold piece of gear that is for research (flute) is not better than a blue piece of war gear. Look your stats over and see what piece of gear you have will benefit your strategy the best.

6) level 60 Leader - If you have a level 25 Prison you should borrow a level 60 leader from a guild mate. If they have already signed up they can still leave guild and it wont upset their registration. It may not sound like a lot But 7% boost to attack could be the deciding factor in your fight.

7) Turf Boost - 20% attack boost is huge, I have a lot of these lying around. Like the prisoner buff. More attack is always a good thing. It could be the difference between and win and a loss. Plus the more troops you kill. The faster you lower their morale and less damage they can deal to your troops.

8) Battle Fury - I know people say... I don't want to pop my shield.. its only 5%... Well, you have plenty of time to register. Before you set another shield get a prisoner and activate Battle fury. Combined can be 40% attack. That is huge! Again, Never too much attack bonus.

9) Register - I know I shouldn't have to say this. I feel like an idiot even admitting this. I was signing up my alt for the Showdown. I popped all my boosts, set a battalion up for what I was doing. Got a leader, Turf boost, Army buff (don't think it's needed with new update). And I forgot to do the most important thing! I didn't click the register button. haha. It happens to the best of us  guess.

So that is my guide. I hope it helps out at least one guild. Just remember win or lose there is always something to take out of it. It is free knowledge and ideas. I look over each of my battles and see what I lose against, win against and just check out what others are running. It is a great opportunity to gather ideas and strategies for when you are actually going to go out and kill. See how the fights work, how morale works. How important morale is. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up in game. Cheers and good luck in the next Showdown!

If this guild helps your guild I would love to her about it! Please share with me after.

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AoD - FknRite
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I disagree with you when it comes to using Trickster as a war hero. If Trickster is your only gold ranged hero, using him is better than using any other ranged hero with troop buffs at the purple or lower grade. Reason for which is the Squad Attack Dmg Tactic. At gold, your hero's tactic ability activated during the battle is a whopping 200% Squad Atk Dmg ability. This is massively more powerful than simply having +5% or so Ranged Troops Atk buff. If Trickster is your only gold, and you need a ranged hero in your lineup, send him, it will do much more good than sending a blue grade Tracker or something like that