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[Elite Trainer] Guild Showdown: A Guide

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Posted on 2017-10-01 09:12:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello and thank you for clicking on one of the *many* guides out there for the Guild Showdowns.

Firstly, before I start on anything important, if you're one of kthe 30K might players with 1K troops in Kingdom #189, I would honestly suggest that you up your might and train more troops first in the 2-day period before registration closes. 1K troops is not going to be enough, no matter what you think. Trust me.

This guide is going to be a little long, so bear with me. If you know how the showdown works just move on to the -- break.

1. A General Introduction to Guild Showdowns

The Guild Showdown is a relatively new event introduced about a month ago. Guilds will be placed into different Divisions from 1-8, with 1 being the Beginners Divison and 8 being the highest Division, based on their Might and previous event results (if any).

It's important to note the entry requirements before you spend any guild coins or drop cash on attack boosts. While the number of contestants to enter the Guild Showdown is only 30, as the Divisions get higher, the number of required participants also increases. So make sure that your guild has enough people participating in order for you to be able to qualify for a higher division. The max number of participants is 100 per guild. Basic registration requirements for players are: a Level 9 castle, be part of a guild (with more than 30 people).

For hoppers, note that you can only register for one guild, and the system will register which guild you're under when you register. So even if you hop over to another guild during registration period, you can only represent your original guild in the showdown.

IGG doesn't really explain the way the guild showdown works very clearly, but it's basically like this. Basically, you're assigned to a division based on your guild might, so the higher the might the higher the division. This way you'll generally be battling against guilds of similar mights. When you register, you'll notice that there's a number beside your name (e.g. 9. XXxXX). As the number decreases, the might increases. So if player X has 4 million might while player Y has 1 million, player X would be number 2 while player Y would be number 1.

During the guild showdown, it's a 1V1 between guilds in order to get a high rank in the division. If a guild manages to rank 8 or above they can move up to another division. Guilds are placed into groups of 16, and will go through 15 guild battles. Your guild's rank increases by getting more event points, which you can get by winning battles.

How the Showdown works is that individual players of each guild will battle each other and whoever's morale decreases to 0 first will lose, as per normal. It goes from rank 1 to rank 100, so the player with the lowest might battles the opposite player with the lowest might. Once someone loses, the player with the next lowest might will battle the previous winner.

So if Player 1 from Guild X wins against Player 1 from Guild Y, then Player 1X will move onto battling against Player 2Y. And so on. Until player 1 loses and then the next person goes in. Note that your troops will NOT be healed after each battle, so you go into the next battle with whatever you have left. (Which is why it is not wise to enter with 1K troops.) Once the last player from the opposing guild loses the battle is over.


Things to Note When Registering for Guild Showdown:

1. What happens in the Showdown, stays in the Showdown. In other words none of your troops will be lost, so go ahead and enter those T4 troops.
2. While you can change your army lineup after registration, you CANNOT change your boosts. So if you want to use your 50% Attack Boost do it before you register.
3. If you don't drop money like water I would discourage you from using too many guild coins for boosts. Unless you're reaaalllyy dedicated to your guild. The rewards you get from winning the guild showdown aren't extremely great, because most of it depends on your luck. If you manage to get a 50% attack boost then good for you, but you could also get a 3H speed up which is not really worth the 1Mil guild coins you spent on boosts.
4. I don't really suggest entering siege. Because. There. Are. No. Walls. At most your siege is just gonna do a tiny little amount of damage on your opponents ranged and that's it.
5. I personally think it's better to enter all your troops (excl siege).
6. Reset your talents to all military. (If you don't have one use your guild coins they're not extremely expensive.)
7. For Players with Level 25 Prisons and Level 25 Altars, get a Level 60 leader from a friend or another account and execute him for those boosts.


Max out: Squad Offence I, Squad Defence I, Squad Health I, Squad Health II, Squad Defence II, III Offence
Put the rest of the points into whatever you specialise in.
Only put the minimal number of points into other things in order to move down the talent tree. 
Squad Health is super important because you want your troops to be able to stay in the battle so that you can last in the showdown. 


Regarding heroes, the main rule is:
NO SIEGE. That means no Prima Donna, Incinerator and other primarily siege heroes.
NO TRAP. Traps don't exist in Guild Showdown, so heroes with let's say a trap boost and a construction boost may not really be of much use, even with their one defence/attack/HP boost.
NO MONSTER HUNT. One word: Trickster.
Also, adjust your leader based on your lineup (majority infantry, etc.) So if you're going in with more infantry troops than ranged or calvary, it's better to go with Demon Slayer and Oath Keeper because they provide Infantry Attack and Max HP boosts. If you're going with ranged, try Tracker, Snow Queen or Black Crow. Calvary, Child of Light, Death Knight etc. It would be good to have a Rose Knight because of her Army Attack boost.

I'm not extremely familiar with paid heroes, but Berserker has Army Max HP, Defence and Attack boosts, so mixed troops might want to try her. The Big Guy is a nice hero for Infantry, Songstress is also good for showdown.
I don't really drop cash so... Yeah. Just look at the boosts yourself and...see if it's good for showdown. (Aka more than one boost for military.)


This isn't restricted to showdown but upgrade your heroes carefully!! A gold demon slayer isn't going to be extremely helpful to someone who mains ranged or is mainly involved in building. Better heroes means better boosts, which is what you want.

For some strange reason in the newer kingdoms there're some players who don't rank up their heroes.
Don't do that. Especially if you're in the newer kingdoms where your highest might player only has like 80 Mil might. 
By ranking your heroes up, you're also increasing the command of those heroes. In other words, if let's say you have a rank 5 hero with 2560 command. That means that the hero will add another 2560 troops to your overall army. So with a rank 8 hero you're gonna have an extra 10000 troops. Per hero. So in other words, with 5 Rank 8 heroes you'd have 50K troops. So this way even if your army capacity is at 120K troops, you can add in an extra 50K just from your heroes, giving you 170K. 

Most players have 250K army size, with heroes, so max that out. You can purchase a 20% Max Army Size boost from the guild shop, or if you're a P2W player you can purchase a 50% boost for 5000 gems. 


Firstly, remember that you don't need to enter siege troops because there are no walls.

For me, I personally prefer Infantry and Calvary to Ranged, because they're the line of defence (in my formation), so their deaths directly correlate with morale. Still, each type of troop has a particular counter, so there honestly isn't a best troop. 

There are three ways your lineup can work:

1 Main, 2 Mains, or Mixed. Some might disagree but I think 2 Main would be best in Guild Showdown, because it's harder to counter and generally does more damage faster than mixed. I don't really recommend any mix because it's honestly up to you and your Heroes and Gear.

If you're doing two mains, it would be in one of these three combinations:

Calvary & Infantry
Infantry & Ranged
Ranged & Calvary

Your combinations and your formations should match. 
Always Remember: Infantry>Ranged>Calvary>Infantry
It's like Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Make sure you match your heroes to your troop composition.

So if let's say you have 3 ranged, 1 infantry and 1 Calvary hero, with 250K troops.
So the ratio of your troops should be ranged:infantry:calvary = 3:1:1. So you'll have 150K ranged, 50K Infantry, 50K Calvary. 


This only applies to people with Level 20 Academies and above. If you don't have a Level 24 Academy ignore the part about wedges. For everyone without a level 20 Academy what you're using is an Infantry Phalanx, which is the most basic one with infantry at the front, then Calvary, then ranged, so what you should be doing is training more infantry and calvary troops. Increasing ranged defence here isn't particularly useful because they're not gonna get attacked by anyone other than opposing ranged unless your infantry and Calvary goes down.

Difference between Phalanx and Wedge:
In wedge, you experience losses across your tiers, while in Phalanx your lowest tiered troops experience the most losses. 


Infantry Phalanx > Infantry Wedge
Infantry Phalanx >> Ranged Wedge
Infantry Phalanx >> Calvary Phalanx

Ranged Phalanx > Ranged Wedge
Ranged Phalanx >> Calvary Wedge
Ranged Phalanx >> Calvary Phalanx

Calvary Phalanx > Calvary Wedge
Calvary Phalanx >> Infantry Wedge
Calvary Phalanx >> Infantry Phalanx

And so on.
The Infantry>Ranged>Calvary>Infantry rule still applies here.


Just get the gear that gives the most benefits to your troops based on your composition. Don't use gear like Lunar Flute during showdown because that's mainly for building and not military.

GUILD Showdown:

Something important to remember is that this isn't an individual competition, it's a guild competition. So it's best to communicate with your guild about what troop compositions y'all are going to use, what strategies you're gonna use, etc. Some guilds like it better for their members to just focus on one main type of troop and then alternate between members, while some don't really care. Talk to the people in your guild through guild chat and come up with a strategy that fits your guild members the best.



It's over!! Anyway, do remember that even if your might is lower than someone else's, and even if you have fewer troops, it's the overall thing that matters. So up your boosts and pick heroes and formations that suit your troop composition. Talents and army boosts are also important. Good luck in your next showdown!

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WHEE GEMS HERE I COME! (A desperate human.)
Thanks for reading!!