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[Chat(Android)] The basics about showdown.

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Posted on 2017-09-30 07:49:02 | Show thread starter's posts only


Lets just start simple by explaining what "showdown" actually is. once in a while you will have a tab in the "Event tab" event is called "Guild showdown". this is one of my favorite events as it let you see induvidual skill based on research, heroes, knowledge arround troops comp and how good gear you have. 

You loose no troops during the event and leader is allso safe. At the end of the event you get some chests that have some interesting reward based on how far up you are in the bracket. and how well your guild performe the place you are.

registration for the event is nothing big about. you go in to the "news" press the "Guild Showdown" and register the army heroes you want to use for it just like going to a tile or attacking some one, but we want to perform as good as possible. so i made a list you can look at before registering.

-place a good war hero you usually use as your avatar.

-make shure your hero is equipping war gear.

-put on War talents.

-activate battle fury.

-if you have prison ask a guild mate to let you borrow their hero so you get attack boost.

IMPORTANT! the stats you have when you lock in your troops. that is what you have saved the army as. afther locking the attack you can change talents, gear, remove titles and so on, but make shure you have it all when you lock in for the event

Register with the army and heroes you want to use. (dont forget your Main Hero. not lost in event)

^stated above is something i think every one should be able to do before registrating for Showdown, but if you want to step it up you can allways

activate Army Boost 20% or 50%.  (no longer any need for this from update. 1.51.49)

activate attack boost 20% or 50% (defencive boost 20% or 50% if this is what you have).

ask overlord for a title. Prefered: -General -Warden -Priest (what i prefer in that order) 

use License to kill or make shure you havce altar boost.

Castle skin that is best for event if you have this. (castle skins are passive effects so ignore this)

this is a guide to Guild showdown and not how to attack some one. if you only read this without any clue on how to setup a army or attack this is all i can do for you in the current event, but if these things is not a issue for you or your guild i want you to look at some more stuff.

make shure that you are not sending the same army as the person above and below you. if you are sending INF blast and the person before and below you did the same. case is that you are most likely going to loose both. so make shure you send what is going to loose to the person above yourself. if he is sending inf. he will loose to cav. because of this you will want to send. who would have quessed it... range.

this is the basic explanation. build yourself up with it and learn from it. the event have better loot the futher up you get. 70% attack boost 5min for exsample.

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-Added in some minor fact -IMPORTANT

-Removed the need for Army boost as it does not any longer benefit during showdown.1.51.49

-updated the Castle skin part

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Fixed some minor thibgs on it. Will work on misspelling when i get home :)

Telrun [H:U]              (●´ω`●)

Line ID: Telrun
Posted on 2018-06-19 05:00:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

i believe it's a useful information for people who doesn't join before the guild showdown

thanks for sharing

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Posted on 2018-06-20 12:47:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

That is great! Any suggestions as to what castle skin will do best? ;)

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