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[Elite Trainer] Newbie Guide: Troops

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Newbie Guide for Troops


In this guide, I will be talking about all the different aspects to do with troops. This will include all the different troop tiers and counters. I will also talk about how to increase your production of troops, as well as decreasing your losses.

Troop Types

In Lords Mobile to types/ tiers of troops are highly desired and important. The higher the tier = the stronger to troops. However, this does not mean that you should be restricted to 1 troop type. There are many different ways and play styles that will implement multiple troop types. For example, if you are a trap account then you would want mostly all T1 troops. This allows you to heal instantly for low amounts of RSS. On the other hand, if you are more of an attacker then you might want to use "Meatshields". This is a lower troop type than your main. For example, if you are a T3 player then you won't want to keep healing or losing mass amounts of T3 troops, so you would send around 5-10K T1 troops which would defend and prevent your T3 troops from dying. When you upgrade to a higher troop tier there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you will deal more damage and also allows to collect more RSS per troop, however, stronger troops are slower, need longer to train and cost more to heal to name a few.

Below I will show you all 4 of the troop tiers from 1-4. I am sorry that the last image is shown as locked, but I do not have the T4 troops unlocked yet.

Troop Formations

When attacking it is vital to fully understand all the counters and formations. This will allow you to deal more damage and take fewer losses. In Lords Mobile, there are 6 different formations. These are split into Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry Phanalx and Wedges.

Below are all the troop counters, showing which troop counters another

Infantry: This troop type will counter Ranged troops, but is counted by Cavalry.

Ranged: This troop type will counter Cavalry troops, but is countered by Infantry.

Cavalry: This troop type will counter Infantry troops, but is countered by Ranged.

For example, If you scout an enemy castle and they have cavalry Ranged troops then you should send Infantry Ranged in a Ranged phalanx or Wedge. This will mean that either their ranged or cavalry troops will be taking the hit from your ranged. This means that you can have a counter or have the same troop type. with the Infantry behind your ranged means that if the target is in a Ranged phalanx then you will counter them with your infantry.

I personally get a lot of questions on what the difference is with Phanalx and Wedge. The answer is not much. The phalanx is seen to deal less damage that a wedge but saves a few more troops. The reason Wedge formations are so good is that they have troop type for example cavalry up front then it will have the counter to that troop behind. This is good when you attack someone in a Ranged phalanx as if the cavalry get wiped out then the counter will take over and balance the fight.

Training Speed

When it comes to troops, training speed is one of if not the most important aspects. This stat can be increased in multiple different ways. Firstly, your talents. The talent tree holds 122% of training speed. 30% from training speed 1 and 92% from training speed 2. Secondly, you can get training speed from research. The research tree holds 60%. 20% from training speed 1, 24% from training speed 2 and 16% from training speed 3. One of the main ways people would increase their training speed is with manors. Manors will increase your training speed by 20% for each level 25 building. Another way is by having P2P (Pay to Play) heroes. each hero will increase your speed by 20% at gold grade. Another way is by buying the Champion Light or Champion Lamp. This off hand will increase your speed by 10%. The final ways are through a turf training speed boost which can be either 10% or 20%. You can also get a kingdom boost from your overlord for an extra 10%, as well as a chief title for 5%. Finally, you can get an extra 5% from the emperor if he/she chooses your kingdom to be the "Super Soldiers".

Troop Attack

When you are attacking you need a strong army. This will greatly increase your damage and reduce your losses. Your damage can be different depending on other things, not the actual stat percentage. For example, you will deal more damage with a larger army with higher tier troops. In my opinion, the orientation of priority is the following. Jewels > Gear > Research > Talents. The reason of this is that research is constant, you are always researching. Jewels are rare to get. The one thing I would recommend with jewels is to insert only blue+ attack jewels. Although you can get more attack from research, I am talking about players that may still be waiting for Academy 25 research or T4 player. If you are a new player then you would get more attack from research and gear.

Best F2P gear set

Below are the 5 best F2P heroes for mixed attacks (Cavalry, Ranged, and Infantry)
-    Rose Knight (Army Attack)
-    Bombin’ Goblin (Army Attack)
-    Demon Slayer (Infantry)
-    Snow Queen (Ranged)
-    Child of light (Cavalry)

Gear is one of the main things that will put you ahead of the rest. This is because attacking gear can provide a lot of help and support when attacking other castles (With your leader). Below I am going to list the best F2P gear currently.

Main-hand – Fiery Tomahawk (RSS Tiles) / Falcon Gale (RSS Tiles)
Helmet – Indulgent Visage (Bon Appeti) / Berserker Tuskhelm (RSS Tiles)
Armour – Armour of the Abyss (Hell Drider)
Legs – Honeycomb Chaps (Queen Bee) / Winter Stompers (Snow Best)
Off-hand – Crusader’s Shield (RSS Tiles) / Frostwing Shield (Frostwing)
Accessory – Aqua Anemone (Tidal Titans) / Lost Island’s Relic (RSS Tiles)

Titles from Overlord

Overlord – Army ATK + 10% Army DEF + 10% Army Max HP + 10%
Queen – Gold Production Rate + 20%
General – Army ATK + 10% Army DEF + 5%
Premier – Resource Production Rate Boost + 15%
Chief – Training Speed + 5% Army DEF + 5%
Warden – Army ATK +6% Army Max HP + 6%
Priest – Army DEF + 15%
Quartermaster – Travel Speed + 15% Resource Gathering Speed + 10%
Engineer – Construction Speed + 10% Army Max HP + 3%
Scholar – Research Speed + 10%

Best talent tree for Mixed attacks

How to hide your troops

Finally, I will be talking about a few things you can do to protect yourself when online and offline. Firstly, you must protect your leader as much as you possibly can, this is because without him all your talents and gear will not count. The main way is by sheltering your leader and troops. This will hold your castle amount + your hero rank. If your troops go over your shelter limit then there is a thing named "Fake Rally". This is simply an 8-hour rally on another castle which will allow you to hold your castle limit +5 heroes. If you still do not have enough room then you can reinforce and garrison fellow teammates that have a long shield. If you are reinforcing then you can only send your castle limit. If you are sending a garrison then you can send you castle limit + 5 heroes.

now I will talk about things you can do when attacking or getting attacked to protect yourself. Firstly, always shelter your extra troops when hitting a hive. This will mean that people cannot kill your troops when your main army is out. You can also start a fake rally with the extra troops too. If you are getting attacked or rallied then you may need to send a full army out to RSS tiles far away. This will buy you time to shield and wait for the battle fury to go. If you are unable to hide all your troops then you should get your guild mates to reinforce you or just simply take the hit and heal.

I do hope this guide helps you and if there is anything I can add or improve on then please tell me. Below are all the links to my other guides if you need more help.

Attacking Guide

Hero Stages Guide

Newbie Guide

Construction & Research Guide

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IG Name: TJC2299

Have Fun :)
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Well, gear will come over time yes, however, it is better to get the free gear to gold sooner rather than later. I come across players that have very weak gear and they are just easy targets. When you talk about focusing on heroes, how does this have anything to do with gear if you are getting the gear upgraded F2P. Heroes can be done F2P with your free 240 stamina per day. If you wish to focus on heroes then that can be a route to take if you wish. This will allow you to get higher in Colosseum and potentially better off in the long run. Also, I don't understand what you mean by 100% army boost from 1 hero. Child of light provides 30% attack and 50% defence at gold grade. Finally, how is gear RNG based? you get the materials from your free guild quests and admin quests as well as when gathering. Hero medals usually drop at a 1/3 chance, however, this isn't a confirmed number.

Have Fun :)
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I have to agree with Tudi that gear materials are RNG Based.

It takes a lot of time to get the materials, and not all of these chances you get the same result. I've done 1000++ Guild and Admin quests only to have the same grade (white), which is troublesome when you want to get a gold. I've also had my share of boxes to which I was lucky enough to get anything but a silver/green grade, but again it's RNG.
Monster Hunting is also RNG based, the drops you receive and the grade is limited to the number of probabilities and it's always random.

Focusing on Heroes is just as important as gears, and as your guide implies 'troops' they're both fundamental components in the war aspect of the game, which is already obvious. Both of which you can do simultaneously, not "focus on ___".

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Yes research is constant but doesnt mean you shouldnt worry about it,using speed ups building or training troops, you can easy go a year and then be stuffed trying to work back your way on military.    It can take a month just to get to 9, consider theres about 12 that can get 9s thats alot of time and also the big 10s to get, it improves 40 or 50% adding in thats its permenant.      

Forgot your troops out, farming gear and farming talents? you will get alot of boost from your research, it can save you from alot of stupid moves whatever they may be or atleast give more chance. Better be building army than your wall, farms and how cheap your troops are when you are a decent way in, hey?

Just it alone can be 135%+90%= +225% attack, 90%+90%+= +180% then lets say 8, thatd be 60%+60%= +120% of all, BIG difference

Talents add in 100%hp, possibly 100% defense and 50% attack this is big, research(above) , that is not easy to get on equipment unless you had some really really good jewels in good equipment (especially to research)

I agree with tudi that the heros do alot more, it might be possible getting another archer hero like tracker(attack) or crow (defense) simply for the fact 99% have cav and very few inf but there are some archers, meaning its best to defend with archer phalanx/wedge if the other person doesnt give you time or simply for attacking

Jewels are worth it but 6% on an attack jewel x8 you can get 48% boost only, equipment easy can get 100% or 80% even, that is double, heros big then research and talents are bigger than a small 50% attack boost

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This guide is incorrect, the skill points in your hero tree are not the optimal points for attacking. Filling the troop defense at the bottom of the tree instead of putting those points in the attack II skills isn't as efficent for attacking

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You are wrong about phalanxes and wedges.

Phalanx does more damage then wedges and wedges take less damage than phalanxes.

You can't 'counter' enemy army formation with your army formation. You counter enemy formation with your troop composition and enemy troop composition with your army formation.

Meaning when you look at an enemy army and they have heavily focused on 1 type of troop you want counter of that troop to be your front line. Because they will be taking half damage from majority of enemy army.

And after looking at enemy army you try to predict their phalanx. If they are below castle level 20 they are forced to have infantry phalanx meaning you will be dealing double damage with your cavalry to their front line if they have any infantry regardless of their army composition. Even if they are %60 ranged, %20 infantry and %20 cavalry you want to go with an cavalry heavy composition since if you focus on infantry to 'counter' their ranged you won't reach their ranged back line unless you crush the enemy. To following example you would want to go to battle with a %20-30 infantry and rest cavalry using an infantry phalanx. 

Reason the wedges deal less damage is because they sacrifice lower tier troops in favour of the higher tier ones and the front line engages the main army in 2 groups with a second delay. In a phalanx your front line clashes with the enemy army all at the same time. This delay causes a deal in damage resulting in fewer losses in the end. The first strike is important as you kill the enemy they can't deal damage for the rest of the fight. If a wedge gets countered by an enemy army composition the front line dies but second line is always the counter of the counter of the front line resulting in a sort of 'come back' in a fight. 

In the end simply put wedges are for when you are defending turf maybe off-line and your army has a counter you put your troops in the formation of your main troop and even if you get countered by an enemy they can't have as big of an advantage.

Phalanx is for when you want to counter an enemy army that is weak against specific troop type.