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[Elite Trainer] Construction and Research- How to grow as fast as possible!

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Posted on 2017-06-25 11:26:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello all,

Let me first start with a short introduction and why it's worth your time reading this guide, on one of the most fundamental aspects of Lords Mobile. Whether you are a seasoned player or just someone who picked up the game earlier today, hopefully something in this guide will help you achieve your goals/shine some light on questions you may have. I am 90 million might player and have been playing the game for 10 months now, and made guides on Youtube under the channel name 'Alpha Wolf', take that as you will.

Lords Mobile is a game based on warfare, and those that have progressed further with their construction and research have an advantage over their opponents. If you have played for a while, you should have noticed the wide range of power between players. Some players are quite weak and some are absurdly powerful. This range of power is due to their construction and research progress, as well as a few other aspects of the game. This guide is focused on research and construction only, so i wont go much further than that. 

Buildings (Constuction):

Most upgradable buildings in Lords Mobile can be leveled up, going typically from level 1 to 25. Buildings have a base building time, and the focus of this guide is to show you how to reduce the time taken to ''Level up'' buildings.

Now that you are aware of how buildings essentially work. Lets discuss the different ways to reduce the time taken to level up a building.

Construction gear:

When you are upgrading a building, make sure that you have the correct gear equipped. In order to obtain gear, you must gather the needed materials. This can be done through hunting monsters, guild gifts, mall packs or gathering materials. Once you have the required materials, go to the forge and build the items that improve construction speed (e.g Sentinel's Circlet: Construction speed 25%)

Once the gear is equipped, the total percentage gained from all of the gear will reduce the time taken to build the building you are focused on. Now lets look into a possible construction equipment set you could forge.

Construction gear:  (CS=Construction speed)

Main hand: Lvl 35 Trident +7% CS/ Lvl 1 Sacred Broadsword +10% CS/ Lvl 55 Terror leash +10% CS
Off hand:  Lvl 45 Gryphon's Talon +17.5 CS
Helmet: Lvl 40 Noceros Mask +10% CS
Chest armor: Lvl 40 Odysseus +5.2% CS/ Lightning Guard +20% CS
Legs: Lvl 55 Gryphon Walkers +35% CS/ Lvl 40 Amethyst Boots +4% CS
Accessories: *3 Lvl 40 Sentinel's Circlet

This set shows the maximum stats of the item, but the percentage differs based on the rarity of the item. Common-Legendary.


Research works similarly to construction, but all research is done in the academy. There are different research paths to take. But the time taken for research can also be effected by gear.

Research Gear: (RS=Research speed)

Main hand: Lvl 50 Electric Lance +10% RS
Off hand:  Lvl 40 Vice grips +5% RS
Helmet: Lvl 60 Wyrmbone Coronet +10% RS
Chest armor: Lvl 35 Cavalry mail +7% RS/ Lvl 60 Terror Shield +8% RS
Legs: Lvl 55 Gryphon Walkers +17.5 RS
Accessories: *3 Lvl 40 Lunar Flute +26% RS

***Make sure to equip the correct gear for the action you are performing. Research gear for research and construction gear for construction***


Yes, heroes also improve construction speed and research speed. So i will briefly go through some heroes that you could recruit to improve your progress.  All stats shown will be the maximum value you can get (Legendary rank hero).

Construction heroes: ( CS= Construction speed, RS= Research speed)

The Big Guy: 
+30% CS
Witch Doll:
+20% CS
Scarlet Bolt:
+20% CS
Sage of Storms:
+20% CS

Research heroes:

+25% RS
Witch Doll:
+25% RS
Petite Devil:
+25 RS
Femme Fatale:
+25% RS

***These heroes have administative skills that improve either RS or CS, or both. Not every hero is stated here, as i do not have every hero, but it covers a good few***


Now let's get to the final part of this guide. The talent tree allows you to allocate points into whatever you wish to improve. As you level up, the game provides points and its your choice on how you use them.

In terms of CS and RS, there are 4 parts of the talent tree that you can spend points to improve your CS/RS.

Talent tree for CS:

Construction I: +40% CS (10/10 points)
Construction II: +65% CS (20/20 points)

Talents tree for RS:

Research I: +40% RS (10/10 points)
Research II: +65% RS (20/20 points)

When growing, always put your points into CS/RS in the talent tree. You can always change your layout based on what you are doing, but aside from attacking, i personally do not change out of RS/CS and training speed/gathering speed.

Thats it, now you know the basics of Construction and Research. If you have any possible edits to suggest, just let me know in the comments below. Also, if you made it to this point and read it all, let me know :D . Message me ingame too, iAlphaW. With enough responces, I will add pictures. I tried to explain as much as i could, so its informative. I did not include Champion gear, as its a set of gear most do not have, and by that point, people usually know everything that related to RS/CS. 

Thank you so much for reading,

IGG ID: 314868412

K. Miri