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[Elite Trainer] Lords mobile think tank - archer beast mode

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This guide is aimed towards free to play players and light spenders.  You will be specialised in range but at the same time be a well rounded player.   You will eat cav armies alive and beat mixed armies easily. 


12 infirm (480 spaces)
4 mannors
1 farm and a mix of the other rss buildings

It's important you take your time to lvl up these buildings.  You should definitely take the mannors and infirm to lvl25, you need the spaces for wounded troops and the training speed from mannors.


80k t3 inf  (mainly for defence)
80k t3 cav (mainly for defence)

Between 250k to 300k t3 range
(you will be constantly rebuilding archer that die in attacks so number will fluctuate)

Upto 50k T1 and T2 range
(Again these numbers will fluctuate as they die and are rebuilt).


The cav and inf are for defence mostly, so they will never really die and need replacing.  They are there to stop you being badly countered on defence. 

They make you defensively strong.... You basically have a wall of 160k cav and inf stopping the enemies front line while your range put in work from the back. 

Because of the high number of infirm and the defensive mix. You have no fear defending against anything and will find defensively you are super strong.

Pure range attacks.  Pretty simple really. Hit with 240k t3 range and add a 10k t1/t2 range to the mix and use all range hero for maximum boost. 

Mostly only t1 and t2 die so very cheap attacks and allow to attack often and hard.

The stacking of ranged hero, gear and talent boosts makes your archer army hit insanely hard, they become elite troops.

That said never go against heavy inf players as they still counter you so pick your targets.

Pure range is viable nearly always! Its your goto army.  But in a rare circumstance you do have flexibility to go mixed if you really need to. Just remember to rebuild your cav and inf, you lose in the attack.

The mixed attack army
50k inf + inf hero
50k cav + cav hero
150k range + 3 range hero


1. Trickster( to gold first )
2. Rose Knight (your cav hero)
3. Demon Slayer (your inf hero)
4. Bomin Goblin
5. Snow Queen
6. Tracker
7. Black Crow
8. Death Archer ( least important hero)
Trickster, black crow, rose knight, demon slayer and tracker

This team does very well and will get you far.  It's weakness is big guy teams bare that in mind.

Heroes that you have stationed on your wall.  Demon Slayer, Rose Knight, Snow Queen, Bomin Goblin and Tracker

Same as above defending heroes

Bomin Goblin, Snow Queen, Tracker, Black Crow and Death Archer.

Remember you can always chuck in rose knight for 20% attack boost if an archer hero is not upgraded enough yet.

Pick whatever you can that boosts range units the most.  It's your only concern. 

F2p example:
You will get a lot of gear  free from monsters

Mainland - Grim Reaper
Helmet - Bon Apetite
Chest - Hell Drider
Boots - Queen Bee
Offhand- Jade wyrn OR Lunar Scimitar
Assesories- Lost island relics

The above list is not set in stone, you may get lucky with drops or want to buy a couple of armour packs.   Use the filter and pick items that will boost your range stats the most. 

With a lot of the gear there is a cross over they boost range and something else. This is great as it boosts the defensive portion  of your army.

Your range is so focused and boosted it's on par with heavy spenders. It's not a perfect build but in my opinion it's a good option for f2p. It's a no fear nothing to lose build that allows you to hit so much harder than the other players at your level.  You beat most armies with ease...  Just be wary of heavy inf guys.

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It might be worth adding in on walls of course lol