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[Elite Trainer] "Newbie Guide" - GUILD FEST

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Posted on 2017-06-20 05:23:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello dear Lords Mobile colleagues,
I have not been around for a period of time and I was akin to write something new about this great game.
This time around I want to share my knowledge about participating in Guild Fests with your guild mates.

This event will pop up every 3 or 4 weeks. It lasts for an entire week. That is 7 consecutive days. Each event will create random guild groups that will compete against each other. In this time period each guild will try to obtain as many points as possible for 3 reasons as follows: 

1. Advance in a higher tier gauntlet: there are 4 stages available. The higher you get, the more gift levels you will be able to unlock. To be able to advance to a next tier, your guild will have to be in the top 5 guilds at the end of the guild fest. The passing to the next tier and the availability to the next gift levels will be available only in the next guild fest! The last 5 positions in the ladder will be demoted to an inferior gauntlet tier. 

2. Obtain as many points in order to be able to open all the available gift possibilities, depending on the gauntlet tier your guild is situated in. The first tier – gray – will offer 15 gift levels. The second tier – green – will offer 18 gift levels. Third tier – blue – offers 21 levels. And the last – purple – will offer 24 gift levels. 

3. Try to be situated in the top players to finish the guild fest in order to get the special prizes for reaching the podium. These special gifts will be received by each member of the winning guild.

In order to reach a high level in the guild fest, each player will have to do some quests. These quests will earn each player a number of points. Each player is allowed to START a number of: 6 quests for gray tier, 7 quests for green tier, 8 quests for blue tier and 9 quests for purple tier, and they also have the possibility to BUY an extra quest start for 1000 gems. If one player is not able to finish a quest, he can either cancel the quest, this resulting in a fault. That quest possibility will be gone, and the player will have to do with the rest of the quest possibilities, so be careful what you choose.
These being explained, let’s see what we have to do in order to reach highest level possible.

First thing one player MUST do in order to participate in a guild fest, is to have a castle level of minimum 15 or above.
Second mandatory thing would be for him to BE IN A GUILD. Here, it is best to be in a guild that is VERY ACTIVE and has a lot of users. This will help get a higher point score.

For each player it will be easier to do more worthy quests (more points per quest) when he will be at a higher level, as you will see in the explanation below. 

Complete Admin Quests: 

This is a good and easy way to ear good points.For 120 Admin quests completed, you will get 88 points. It is best to wait for a quest that requests 160-170 guild or admin quests to be completed. this will earn you a lot more points, in the area of 130-140 points per quest!

Increas Might (buildings):

This quest is good when you will have reached your castle level 25, when each building you finish will earn you more might. Study the possibilities before you start the quest. check which buildings you can upgrade, how much might they will offer for upgrading, so you will have the least resources used for the quest, like time speedups and resources spent. It is possible to get the 96 points for this quest while finishing the upgrade of only one building. N.B.: do not forget to user your building equipment! 

Gather xxxxx (food, stone, ore, wood, gold, or resources):

For this kind of quests, it is best to buy or use a gathering speed boost of 7 days for the duration of the guild fest. 
the hardest quests here are the gold gathering ones. even though you will have to gather 10 times less resources count, the gold gathering is very hard, it takes a lot of time, and the resource count is very low compared to the other resources. 
My best advise is to get the "gather resources" quest, that allows you to gather whatever you want. 
Here, as well as with other quests, you will have to try to get the bigger quests. gathering 30 million resources (any kind) in a lower time period will get you around 143 points per 1 quest! for a castle level 25 with gather boost and 300k army, this should take around 24 hours. 

Open Mystery Boxes: 

This is a good quest for players who have access to the game for a long period of time. The mystery boxes (jumping chest in the bottom right corner) will appear every 5-60 minutes. The x5 mystery box will count only as one in guild fest quest.
I managed to do the quest of opening 40 mystery boxes in 3 days. it does take a lot of time, but in a very crowded and active guild, it will be necessary for somebody to do these kind of quests from time to time. 

Special Bundles:

The easiest quest when spending real money. The only 2 quests like this that need to be done are the 10 purchase one that will earn you 157 points and the one where you have to buy only 2 bundles for 119 points! For these quests, Cargo ship trades of 1 dollar/euro will count! Also, the 2 dollar/euro package will count. 
I recommend doing purchases of any kind ONLY during guild fests, as it will have a dual purpose, helping you earn points in the guild fest as well. 
I my own like to buy bundles that offer special heroes. 

Supply xxxxx (timber, ore, stone, food, gold):

These are very easy quests for players in an active guild, they take almost no time at all. you just have to send the specified type of resource to any of your guild mates. If your guild is full of good people, you will not miss the resources! 

Increase total might: 

These quests will usually need a lot more might points increase than the building ones. 
It is good to use the quest if you are close to finishing a large research, like level 9 army health, defense, offense. Just like the building quest, you have to check the researches+building+troop training to see how many points you will get for finishing each upgrade. 

For the rest I do not yet have pictures taken, but I hope I will update the post later. 

Darknest quests: 
Very easy quests for a united guild. Very good point rewards. 
There are 2 types of quests. The ones where you just have to earn a dark essence, and the ones where you have to be the rally captain. Be sure to check which type of quest you start. The quests where you have to do 6 rallies will earn you over 140 points!
ALWAYS do rallies of 5 minutes, on a darknest that you know you can do on your own and ask only one guild mate (closest to you) to send you only one troop to be able to attack the darknest. the quest will be finished in 1 hour!

Send Help to Your Guild Mates:
This is a very easy quest for active guilds. You will be able to finish the highest quest (120 helps) in 20-30 minutes if 2 players can help you. This means a colleague or more will have to do very cheap upgrades to a building, stop it and do it again. This will earn you 137 points! 

Cargo Ship Trades: 
32 trades will earn you 146 points! each time the cargo ship refreshes, you will have 4 trades done! for this quest, in order to finish it quicker, you will have to wake up once per night. If not, you will still be able to finish it, but one day later :) 

Spend Gems:
Here, it is best to opt for the bigger "spend 50k gems" that will earn you 141 points. If you have the gems, it will be the easyest non pay method to earn points in just a matter of seconds! ALWAYS buy ONLY special items for upgrading the treasure trove, battle hall, prison and altar. After this, spend them on Bravehearts until all your free heroes are gold! After this, whatever you like, but try to buy Labyrinth stars. 

Use speedups: 
Here, I would advise you to do the bigger quests, if you have 16 days of speedups in your bag. it will earn you the best points per quest in this category. One can use research speedups or normal speedups. 

Spend Guild Coins: 
Easy easy quest for somebody with 500k-1million guild coins in the bag. I opt only for the 1 million quests, as I usually gather about 2 million guild coins between guild fests. for 1 million coins spent you will get about 138 points I think. I use the coins to buy 1 or 2 gather speed artifacts and a boatload of material chests in order to upgrade quickly my building and research boost equipment. (can be seen in my other tutorial).

Colosseum Rank Up: 
Very easy quest to do in a very short period of time. The requirements of ranking up 100 positions can be easily done in 1-2 attacks. 

Other small quests for lower level players that are worth of doing and are very easy: 

Vip Quests: 
Open Vip chests, very easy. 

Research Tech: 
Do some small researches, any research counts. 

Forge Equipment: 
Simply forge some small level equipments. 

Not worthy quests: 
Unless you have over 100 million might and a LOT of resources, you would better stay away from these quests: 
Reach Phase 3 Hell/Solo Events
Heal Wounded Soldiers
Train Soldiers
Colosseum Battles

Each guild should have very active players who surpass 130 points per quest. In order for the guild to reach a higher rank each player should do their best and contribute with a minimum of 90-100 points/quest.
Players who are less active and can't be active for a longer period of time should try to be in the area of 60-80 points per quest. 

Good luck to you ll and see you in the purple gauntlet tier! :) 

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