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[Elite Trainer] [Think Tank] Newbie Guide (f2p)

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Posted on 2017-06-18 21:00:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Newbie Guide (f2p)

I won't go into details about starting because everyone unlocks all the turfs at one point but I must emphasise this:
DO NOT SPEND ANY GEMS IN THE EARLY STAGES OF THE GAME!! Once you unlock the Treasure Trove, immediately invest on it monthly, and continue to save these gems for later on in the game. I'll explain why in the guide.

As a free to play player, you won't have the luxury of having epic gears and heroes like other pay2play players, but that doesn't mean you can't play at their level! However, this requires a tremendous amount of patience and time.


I'm sure everyone already knows by now that you MUST get these the "Golden Trio" to gold before anything else. 

Trickster: +25% Research Boost **Only f2p hero that has Research boost**

Sage of Storm: +20% Construction Boost

Scarlet Bolt: +20% Construction Boost

You spend a good lot of your time in the game doing research, constructing and training so to reduce the time and maximise efficiency, getting these heroes to gold has to be your first priority.

The Watcher Hero can only be obtained through Hells Event (and honestly, I don't consider it as a f2p hero because of the speed ups needed to ultimately obtain one)


In order, I recommend these as priorities to research: [Construction Speed] -> [Monster Hunting Tree] -> [Military Tree].
Depending on how you see the [Defense Tree], it's pretty optional in the early stages (pre. t4). 

Monster Hunt is a high priority than the Military Tree because of the loots you can get (gems, speed ups, materials). 


I don't recommend rushing to c25 because if you plan on getting Watcher to gold, take advantage of the "easier" Hell Events. However, this also limits your progress. Rushing to c17 is fine though :p.

I won't go into detail about what building should be built first (kind of redundant if the buildings have a pre required building). However, for resource buildings and infirmaries:
I have 9 Manors, 7 Infirmaries, and 1 Barracks. But this is only because I want to minimise training time and increase gold production.
ONLY 1 Farm. You can either be a hyper ore farm, or have a mixed (evenly) for every other resource building.

Pay 2 Play Buildings: Battle Hall, Prison, Altar. Before investing on these, make sure you have Treasure Trove maxed (or close.. at least..) because these buildings are essential to unlocking T4 (You need EVERY building [One of each resource building/infirmaries] maxed before you can build a Lvl 25 Academy).

Each pay 2 play buildings require approximately 200k Gems each! However, you can also get these through Guild Fest, Loot Chests so it'll be much less in the long run.


"Hey can  you send me ___ [insert resource]?" Usually people do, but depending on how frequent you ask, people will ignore. Especially Gold. So how can you manage your resources without events?

1. Gathering

As boring as it may be, gathering is the efficient way of gaining resources. However, you are at risk of being attacked. So keep an eye out on your troops.

2. Cargo Ship

The Cargo Ship is one of the best ways to convert your excess resources to other resource packs, or speed ups! 

3. Monster Hunt

Monster Hunting also drops some resource packs, although majority of the time it's insignificant, but hey free 2 play can't be choosy.

Gems and Speed Ups

Ok, this is where a lot of free2play players (at least those I've seen) has had difficulty in managing.
NEVER EVER spend gems or speed ups on construction or troop training. 
Why? Because researches can take up to more than a month, while constructions can only take 1month at most (.. at 25). And this is before helps.

I highly recommend every newbies to save gems for pay 2 play buildings.. again it takes approximately 200k gems for each building (before getting any from loot chests and guild fests). 

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