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[Elite Trainer] Newbie Guide (Think Tank)

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Newbie Guide
Welcome to the Lords! I believe you have made a VERY good choice in downloading this game.  But you must be reading this because you have some questions.  Don’t worry! We all had questions when we started playing. 
1. First thing, find a guild! They will help you out big time, with resources and teamwork and any questions you may have.  Guild coins are essential for being able to buy different items, including shields and different types of boosts.
- Joining a guild will also allow you to be able to hunt monsters, which drop important items such as resources and speedups.  You get holy stars, gems, and materials as well.
2. So to begin, you must start with research.  This will allow you to be able to sustain building and other research, as well as attacking.  Some people focus on military straight away, others on defense and economy.  Personally, I would start in your economy and defense.  
- Economy: Focus on maxing as much as you can, the construction research.  You will have many things to build and being able to do it in a short amount of time is beneficial.
- Defense: Focus on your wall HP.  A great defense will help you to stop attackers. 
- Military: Starting here will allow you to fight.  This tree has the most benefits, so start on the Military one and max out as much as you can.  It gives the boosts needed when you are a larger might.
- Monster hunting: Researching this will allow you to be able to hunt higher level monsters. The higher the monster level, and the more energy you are able to hit with, the more likely you are to get better rewards.
3. Construction. At first you won’t have the number of troops to worry about infirmaries, so it is a good idea to build about 50/50 infirms and manors.  The manors give you a boost in training speed which is good for a small castle.  
- ANY gems you have should go to special items.  At first, there is no worry as you are unable to build your battle hall, prison, and altar right away.  However, all gems need to go to buying these types of special items.  These will make you valuable for your guild members.
- Make sure to have enough space in your infirmary to cover all your troops.  Eventually you won’t be able to do this, but for now make sure that you can.  If you have enough beds, your troops won’t be killed.
4. Armor. Focus on items that will give you construction and research boosts at first.  As you continue to grow, choosing higher level battle pieces is a really good idea, as each piece gives a % increase for specific things (ex: some give a boost for construction speed, others give it for infantry attack).
5. Heroes. In my opinion, the most valuable heroes are the Trickster (research boost at legendary) and the Sage of Storms (construction boost at legendary). Once you sweep these stages, you will be able a permanent boost as you get them from common up to legendary. Then work on getting other heroes, as well as getting ones like the Rose Knight and the Demon Slayer, as they give a boost in the colosseum.
6. Colosseum. This is extremely important, as the higher you are the more gems you get. Focus on heroes that benefit you here, like the Rose Knight, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Prima Donna, and the Death Knight.
7. Cargo Ship. Once you unlock it, I believe at Castle 13, use it to trade extra resources you have in order to get other rss in your bag, as well as speed ups.  Rss in your bag are important, as no one can take them.  Speed ups will help you grow faster, but you never need to spend gems on them, as I believe saving gems for the special items is the best.
8. Always shelter ALL the troops you can as well as sheltering your LEADER. If it is sheltered, no one will be able to 
9. Join Darknest rallies – once you transmute the essence, you’ll be able to get gems or speedups or rss, all of which are extremely important.

These are the basics for a new member. If I missed anything crucial, I apologize but I don’t believe I have left anything out.  Good luck playing and don’t forget to have some fun! 

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