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[Elite Trainer] Kingdom vs. Kingdom: Defensive Guide for Solo Points

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Posted on 2017-05-27 06:45:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Name: The Fishing Strategy
Goal: Finish Solo Quest with no Death (can continue indefinitely)

Minimum Requirements:
·         Continuous time looking at the game
·         At least 250k troops (mixed of two or three) (say Calvary and Range)
·         Some infirmaries (ideally 250k)
·         3 Phalanx formations
·         War Skill Tree
·         Decent War equipment
·         Decent war heroes
·         A bit of Military Research
Recommended Requirements:
·         The “Great” version of the above requirements (more than 250k troops)
·         Some third type troops (say Infantry)
·         Castle Wall Research (Max Increase wall defensive, and about 200k wall hp)
·         Castle Defense buffs (heroes and items)
The Strategy: (Assuming you use Calvary+Range)
Stay alone at your kingdom during KvK. This is because being in a hive will invite T4 attackers and their friends. They can zero you. Ideal targets are T3 attackers with no more than 20 mil might higher than yourself (this is depending on the level of your military research; If they are all 9 then you can go against any player sending T3 army)
Change your leader to Infantry and wearing non-war equipment (or Infantry equipment)
Shelter or fake rally but leaving some behind as baits. You can leave your leader out (leader is a potential bait). Ideally, you leave out Infantry and Sieges say total 50k with 200k Range in the shelter.
Do not use anti-scout. You want the enemy to see your troops. Ideally, the attacker should not be right next to you (farther is better)
Wait for someone to attack thinking you forgot to hide your farming troops.
They are likely to send 250k T3 (Calvary and Something) with Calvary formation.
Make sure to check incoming troops report (If they are 250k T4 = use your shield or hide the rest of your troops)
Wait until the last 15 seconds or so to avoid last minute scout. Change everything to the real version (formation, items, leader). Let your full army out to defend. Also, throw in an attack buff. You can 1 troop rally a castle for the Fury buff (can’t instant shield).
Also, remember the 200k or less health but max defense wall? Because you keep the hp low, the attacker is unlikely to bring enough sieges. His troops may not even make it through your wall.
Hide your troops or shield (if there is no fury) or random port or take a second hit (a fair fight now)
Rinse repeat. You need more than 1 fish to finish solo.
The more you get right the higher the attackers casualties. In this example:
Attacker’s thought: 250k Calvary/Range/Siege vs 50k Infantry/Siege and ok Wall. No items or buffs.
Reality: At least 250k troops in the opposite formation and a strong wall. Along with items and buffs.
Happy Fishing !.!
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Posted on 2017-05-27 17:10:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

I like this guide but only a bit of war research doesnt help much especially when its all kingdoms, war research is crucial to get to 8/9 so id include that but to be honest its easy enough just hunting 200k troop tiles or hitting castles,if you got enough boosts say a guy has 200k, you can counter him troop type or one type to mix even can add in
Also you forgot to give a mention to meatshields
+ if the person is smart enough to know what siege does to an army, then they would go one type and that wall wouldnt matter,before you argue it i do it aswell with the wall defense on a set of gear+ maxed for academy24

Posted on 2017-06-01 02:05:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is pure defence so no meatshield is needed. There is no troop death on your end when defending. Meatshields take infirmaries space and will back fire. Plus, you are staying in one place the whole time so you are not using any relocators (big cost saving).
It is best to have high troop research but it is not an absolute requirement. If you are max research, you don't need this defense tatic as much. At the same time, this is fishing for small fish, not big fish (aka they also don't have max research or much experience). This is why I said avoid T4 players or people who are 20 mil might higher than yourself.
The wall is a bonus because not everyone is strong enough to take a strong wall. It is however not vital.

Posted on 2017-06-01 11:05:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Oh i was meaning to say just leave it on with sound on youll be aware, a few meatsheilds make it free to heal they wont take room up unless you dont pay attention, its a good way to build idk 100k meatshields,people can lose 60k vs your 60k loss, yours maybe costs 150k of each rss ;) and not a few million per hit