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[Elite Trainer] Attacking Castles - Prison, Altar and Execution - How to and Tips

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Posted on 2017-05-24 09:02:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi All,

Was thinking of doing a guild about the benefits of Prison and Altar and to include as much info as I can. So we will do a walk-through of how these work although, first I would like to include some other relating information which is good to know. 

Basically we are talking about two special buildings, both these buildings need 202K Gems each to upgrade to lvl 25. Yes, this is a lot, although if you focus on these it's doable. 

Basically once you have your prison built, it will open the function to capture enemy leaders who have castles lvl 10+. Once you upgrade your prison to lvl 17 it will open the function to execute enemy leaders. By upgrading the prison level, it will reduce the execution time. (you will soon find out why is this important). 

Also, it's good to know that every time you get attacked and burn OR when you shield, you will loose all the Enemy Leaders you captured. 

At level 25 you unlock the capture Attack bonus which is controlled by the enemy leaders level.

Once you upgraded the prisons level to 17, it will unlock the option to build the Altar, the alter is an amazing building that grants you a lot of boots if you learn how to avoid shielding or being burned (because you loose the enemy leaders by doing these). 

You can click on the 'i' (info) button ingame to see the boosts for both buildings and see the amazing stats you can gain by doing the correct steps. 

I will walk you though how this goes:

1. Who to attack 
- First of all, when you decide to do a session of capturing leaders and executing them, it's best to avoid any conflicts that could get you burned, it's all a gamble to some point although there are some tips further below that will help you to stay as safe as possible. 
- You should mostly attack players who are not in a guild (inactive) 
- You should mostly attach players who are smaller then you and don't have "big guns" in the guild who can burn you OR strong allies. Some would call this cowardish although it's actually you staying on the safe side. 
- No point in attacking players who don't have their leaders, how to know? See below screenshots:

A. Player is without a leader.
- You can see that there is a question mark instead of the leader avatar. This means that the specific player has lost it's leader.

b. Player with a leader. 
- You can see the leader avatar and you can also see the hero lineup, and the leader is among them. This means that if you successfully attack, you will capture the leader. 

2. Waiting on Execution
- This is the hard part. I would suggest trying to capture as many leaders as possible from one Run. Once you have a decent amount of leaders captured (max is 30) you now need to stay safe. 
- This means try to get in the middle of your hive (although you need an active guild that would let you know once the guild is attacked, this way you can port away before getting attacked.
- Or try to find a spot on the map where you can stay safe 
- You will see the execution time for each leader and this changes based on the leaders level. 
- Avoid having troops out\leader out (unless you know you can take a fight)
- Avoid having RSS on you as this makes you a target (unless you know you can take a fight)

3. Execute a leader
- Finally, you can now execute a leader, the countdown time box will change from yellow to red and you will have a given time to execute the leader (or else it will escape).
- make sure to execute the leader as soon as possible.

- Click on the red line and it will bring you to the below page.
- Click on red execute button to execute the leader. 
- Once clicked, the leader will disappear 

4. Altar Boost
- Each executed leader gives 1 day boost (reason why I advised above that it's good to stack up on leaders) 
- The boosts will stack up and you can enjoy them both at attacks and def
- Don't forget, the higher your Altar, the higher the boosts. 

Hope the above helped!


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Posted on 2017-05-24 09:05:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

There are no reasons to hit someone without a hero? There are plenty whether releasing anger or stress to just killing their troops or taking rss

Posted on 2017-05-27 08:07:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is a great guide.

If you've got a good run (mostly guildless / really weak / whatever) and someone asks for leader to be released, it can be worth doing it.  One successful release attempt will put you back a long way.

The altar challenge is keeping your turf protected without putting your own leader at risk.  It's one of the trickiest bits of the game if you are a mid-level player.