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[Elite Trainer] Newbie Guide - Where To Invest Your Gems

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Posted on 2017-05-08 18:53:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Where To Invest Your Gems

Where you spend your gems may vary based on how much you've progressed and what your goal is. This guide is aimed towards those who wish to eventually obtain T4 troops and become a war general in the long run. If that is not your goal, then this guide might not be for you. 

Stage 1 - Just Started The Game
You'll want to invest your gems into VIP points. Keep doing so until you reach VIP 8. Doing so will give you the option to auto-complete Guild quests and Admin quests. Guild quests and Admin quests will give you a steady income of EXP and resources, and the occasional materials and jewels. Guild quests will also give you guild coins. 

Stage 2 - Pre-Castle 17
At this stage, instead of investing gems, you'll want to be saving them up. You'll want to save up a minimum of 10,000 gems or optimally 10,250 gems in order to invest your gems into the Treasure Trove and get more in return. 

Stage 3 - Treasure Trove (And Its Upgrades)
Now that you've reached castle 17 and you have unlocked the treasure trove, its time not only to put your gems into the treasure trove but to also use your gems to buy the crystal pickaxe so that you can upgrade it. If you're free to play or a budget spender, you'll want to prioritize maxing this treasure trove as soon as possible to maximize profit in the long run. If you're a heavy spender and plan to get T4 very quickly, upgrading the treasure trove can be put aside and prioritized later. Invest in the 30-Day Deposit to maximize profit.

Stage 4 - Golden Hammers, Battle Hall, Prison and Altar
In order to unlock T4 troops, you'll need a number of level 25 buildings, including your battle hall, prison, and altar. Your gems will now be invested in these buildings in order to eventually unlock academy 25. This stage will cost you at most approximately 620,000 gems. 

Stage 5 - Military And Economy Research
Now that the only thing between your goal to T4 troops is research. You can spend your gems on those to speed up your research. Be efficient and do not spend more than you need to.  Don't rush your research until you've received all 30 helps first, and try and synchronize your research with research hell events so that you can get rewards for finishing your research. 

Stage 6 - Mass Produce Troops 
T4 troops are unlocked and you've now reached the end stage. Congratulations. Now you'll want to mass produce troops so that you can not be solo attacked or rally attacked when you're online. Again, be efficient and spend gems on troops in synchronization with troop training hell events so you can be rewarded in return.  Once that is done, you're free to wreck havoc without much worry. 

Stage 1 to 6 - Gifting
Don't forget to support your allies where needed via gifting.