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[Elite Trainer] Construction & Research - Treasure Trove

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Posted on 2017-05-02 01:25:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Construction & Research - Treasure Trove

Hi All,

I made the below guide for the ones that heard about it, might have seen it but never used it :) 

Yes, this is the Treasure Trove, think of it as a bank that actually works, where you can really earn and it will never over cross you! 

The treasure trove is the basic/easiest way to earn GEMS for both free to play and pay to play players. The only requirement is to have at least 10K Gems so you can do the initial investment. 

So I'm going to walk you through step by step how this works from the start to the end. 

1. Where to find the Treasure Trove 

- The Treasure Trove is on the "ice map" of your turf, once you finish skirmish 8 you can unlock treasure trove. 

2. Treasure Trove Investments

- Click on Treasure Trove and you will see the below 3 options (see screenshot). A 7, 14 and 30 day investment. 
- The biggest payout will be from the 30 day investment so I would suggest only using that. The 7 day investment can be a test run but the best is the 30 days one. 

3. Info Button

- The Treasure Trove only has 9 levels and by upgrading the level of the Treasure Trove, it will allow you to invest more gems and to increase your interest rate so you will have a bigger payout! 

- You have to buy Crystal Pickaxes to upgrade your Treasure Trove's level although it's worth upgrading to the max! Also, the level of your treasure trove is limited by your Castles level. 

4. Starting Treasure Trove

- The minimum invest is 10K gems and a I mentioned above you can increase the deposit by upgrading your Troves level.
- You will see the exact stats: 
* Deposit Time
* Basic Interest
* Bonus Interest
* Gems Invested
* Payout

And click on Deposit once you made sure you got the correct setup

5. Started the Trove

- Once the trove is started you will see the countdown of how much time is still left 

6. Treasure Trove Finished!!!

- Yes, we finally got to the part when it finished!
- When the trove finished you will see a small gem icon on top of it:

- You will also get an automatic system mail that the trove has finished and you can collect the payout:

- When you go inside the trove, you will see a green check icon on the duration you selected - click on that:

- And click on Collect to redeem the awesome payout!

IGG ID: 397952299

Hope the above is useful and will help everyone!