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[Elite Trainer] Metryn's Guide to Advanced Warfare! (Attacking Castles/Guild Battles)

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Posted on 2017-04-26 19:22:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

So you think you are tough stuff, those solo hits on the farmers got your confidence up....but yet....out in vast space....even bigger game is looking at your turf....

This guide is for guilded players that already know their gear, troops, talents, and are using a full WAR SPEC (If you are Turtling, you should not be fighting, only supporting). If you are below Castle 25 or new to the game, I recommend reading this awesome guide by a guy named Metryn, for a beginner's lesson in warfare, found here: Metryn's Guide to Basic Warfare

If you are not in a full war spec, then you should only be sending troops out for reinforcements and rallies.  You should have your leader put up and send no more than what you can hold in your infirmary.  Your infirmaries should hold at least 1 full reinforcement (200k), but 300-400k is best. (Diminishing Returns on Manors.)

Disclaimer: I am not the strongest player in the game.  Not even close....not even T4 yet.  That said, I have honed my war skills versus whole guilds and players stronger than myself.  This guide is written mainly for those not swinging a huge T4 stick and having to force battles on your terms! (At the time of this writing, 51.9M might with 56.8M kills and consistently moving in and out of the top 100 in Kingdom rank for kills.)

The single most important tip I can give for anyone looking for serious war: WATCH AT ALL TIMES! 

If you are attacking or in a pitched battle with other players....you must keep an eye out around you, outside your turf. You only get 10-15 seconds to dodge an attack if someone ports in right next to you. You gotta pee? Shelter and Ghost. You gotta run to get something real quick? Shelter and Ghost.  Feel a chain sneeze coming on? Shelter and Ghost.  You see the pattern?  It takes 4 clicks to bring your troops back out, versus lagging a little bit and opening multiple menus to get them put up!

The second best tip I can give you...know your limits!  Eventually someone will hit you back.  Keep a good ballpark record of how much you can handle before your leader gets taken. Look at your enemy, see what gear they use, troop composition, heroes....then look at your losses. Keep that in mind and expand on it as you continue playing.  You need to know if you can take a hit before you need to shelter or if you need to hide immediately when getting hit by big turfs. Also, if an enemy has an anti-scout up, it could very well be a trap and cause you to take heavy losses.

Finally, use Anti-Scout/Boosts/Boots to your advantage. 

Anti-scout is a very handy tool.  You can use it when soloing a hive to ward off large immediate attacks, many bigger turfs will hesitate to attack if they see a possible reinforced trap.  You can leave it off and keep your troops out on offense to make you seem weaker to bait attacks.  You will also use Anti-Scout to hide a trap you have made or the size of the rally you are sending.

Boosts can be put on for nonstop power while fighting, but you can not use an anti-scout at the same time. Army Offense/Defense/Anti-scout can only be used one at a time, while Army Size Boost can be used without cancelling OFF/DEF/AS. They are not easily gained, so use them wisely.   

Winged Boots are great for speeding up to your guild in times of need for reinforcements and rallies. They can be used to move your solo attacks/returns faster as well.  You should ALWAYS save at least a few for when you are on the attack, because a good war player will time attacks to land right when troops are returning to turf to keep a player from sheltering/ghosting. (Be aware that they will try to time attacks on YOU as well, so using boots will throw their timing off as well.)

One last little tip.  It is always good to mail your guildmates to remind them to shield and shelter if you go on the warpath. If you do a good job following my tactics or burning in general, your enemies will likely be very displeased with you and hunt your friends.

At this point, I would guess you already know how to fight normally, but there are some other tactics to cause more serious damage or annoy your enemies.  None of these names are really what they are called (because I make them up as I write this), but feel free to use the name to describe them. Also, many people hate one of my tactics, but there is no such thing as fair play in war.

Dodging - Pretty straightforward. There is a priority to it. Leader Group > Spare Troops.  You should first Shelter (Best) or Send Camp/Attack. After that, you can focus on your spare troops by either Ghost Rally (Best) or Camp (fastest). The reason for all this: Leader must be kept safe, and shelter guarantees safety for leader and a set amount of troops.  You can send an attack/occupy at a distance, then use winged boots to mess up the timing of your enemy to get to shelter after. You can also recall just after an enemy attack lands to hurry troops back if it is not a chain attack. Spare troops are easier to sacrifice than losing a leader, so practice getting your leader safe as fast as possible rather than going for all troops at once.

Troop Drop - Also straightforward. You get scouted, you let them attack and decide to suddenly drop your troops out of safety. Many stronger might players will attack farms and such with chained attacks.  Usually the first attack is strongest, while the 2nd or 3rd attack are lower tier with weaker heroes. You can let the first attack hit then, drop troops out to catch a later attack and then send troops back to safety.  Doing this usually means they will send another chained attack and you can do it again.

Scorched Earth - Last of the straightforward.  Get some guildies together and go find an enemy hive and burn everything single thing you can, with minimal losses then get out.  Also a good way to.....

Trap (ANTI-SCOUT REQUIRED) - A simple trap is nothing more than taking enemy prisoners and getting reinforcements from your guild.  The most important part is to keep an eye out for rally/attack incoming notifications if you are going to hold it for a while with leader out.  Do not let your guild members send anything more than their infirmaries can hold or the trap can turn into a bad trade for your guild.  Your reinforcement turfs should be less than 2.5 minutes away if you want to be able to pull out and refresh your reinforcements without using Winged Boots. Easiest way to bait a trap is to take prisoners from smaller players in a target guild or players from their family guilds.

The Bait and Switch (ANTI-SCOUT REQUIRED) - This takes a lot of guild members to pull off effectively (visual trick).  This is much better used if you know the target person/guild is online and you just ported in. If they do not reinforce the target or do anything, you should probably just burn them all.

1. Set a Rally
2. Have multiple guild members send 1 of each troop (causes slow travel time like a normal army) to the rally, while as few as possible send troops to the same turf and max reinforcements. 5 or less is best.
3. Watch target for reinforcements and activity and let the timer burn down.
4. At 30 seconds or less to rally launch, disband the rally. If they reinforced it will look like you wussed out and gave up. Usually the target guild will launch counters to catch returning troops and other large turfs will start chaining attacks at Rally Leader's turf to catch an "open" leader.
5. Laugh when they break on your walls. Or they did nothing and you just burn them anyways, hopefully taking a prisoner and having a ready made trap.

The Scattershot Counter - This is a counter to a rally launched at your reinforced turf after your reinforcements have been weakened or if your total army is too weak to handle the attack. This can also be used to have a friendly guild come help you and catch all your enemies out with multiple attacks landing on the counterattack.

1. Shelter/Ghost Rally if you are not going to shield
2. Let enemy rally come at your turf. Wait until it is close to your turf so you have the most time.
3. Disband reinforcements with a shield or by using embassy.
4. Have guild members rush troops back or send a second army out to either hit troops left behind in turfs or catch returning troops from enemy rally (all depends on if you are strong enough to hit enemy turfs).

Lords Mobile Roulette (ANTI-SCOUT REQUIRED) - This is a defensive kill strategy for a hived guild.  Everyone in the hive needs to be using Anti-Scout. This can be used constantly without leaders or by bouncing troops around to those who will be active/online with leaders. Leaders out is way more effective, but everyone with a leader out needs to be keeping a close eye on their game. Everyone needs to level up Embassy for this to work.

1. Pick guild members to reinforce. Lower might with a good War Spec are very effective, while large might with obviously strong war gear people will be wary of.  As always, only let guild members send troops up to infirmary limit.
2. Rotate around your guild after a hive burning, so that they never know who is reinforced.
3. Profit.

Guerrilla Warfare - Remember when I said there is a tactic that everyone hates when I use? This is it. There is no real set strategy to this.  Basically you take your enemy guild. You move right into their hive. If they leave a spot open, get right in the center.  Burn all the people you can, every single chance you get.  Burn their tiles. Burn their camps. Call your friends, have a bonfire.  Find out who their friends are and send your guild to do the same.  Just pull troops/leader out, do some burning, then go back to safety.  Do this constantly, for days....weeks...months.  You would be surprised just how many gems they will spend porting up to you if you are on the edge, how many resources they lose to healing, all the gems they spend on shields.  Bring a bank and stock up!  Repeat until they give up or leave kingdom.  (Looking at you Ybc :D)

Anyways, that will be the end of this. I think my next guide will be on maximizing stats, but I was already pretty late on this so who knows what idea I will have by then.

(Please leave me a reply for any spelling/format/misinformation, that may have slipped on me.)

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