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[Elite Trainer] Nerf's Epic Battle Guides – Part 6 - Attacking – Wedge Formations

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This guide discusses optimum use of Wedge Formations.  My earlier guide here explains how to use Phalanx Formations.
Again I will repeat what I said in my earlier guide.  There are no best formations.  The best formation depends on your and your opponents troop mix.  Formations are basically a way to adapt the strength/weaknesses of your troops to the situation at hand.
Phalanx Recap
The Phalanx formations are designed to alter the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of troops.  The basic infantry phalanx rules are as follows:

Yellow = Equal.  Green = Strong.  Red = Weak.

Using a Ranged Phalanx makes ranged Strong against Infantry (and weak against Cavalry).  Ie.:

Using a Cavalry Phalanx makes cavalry strong against Ranged (and weak against Infantry). Ie.:

Wedge Formations/Lineups
Wedges adjust this arrangement in a unique way.  Wedges remove the strengths and weaknesses of your troops.  So that they are more like an equal troop regardless of the enemy troops.
So for an Infantry Wedge:

Ranged Wedge:

Cavalry Wedge:

Note: These are approximations.  There are simply too many variables to work this out exactly at this stage.  The key take away is avoid using the highlighted troops in this formation.
Use of Wedges
The wedge strengths and weakness make them ideal for when you have a majority of the two troop types and the enemy has a mixed force.
An example might be:

Enemy has equal mix.
You have Ranged and Cavalry.
Send your ranged and cav in Ranged Wedge.

Wedge Warnings:
Wedges are not a great choice if the enemy has a single or dual majority force.  The chances are you can find a better Phalanx formation that will help you out.
Wedges are also inefficient if you have a single force or a mixed force available.  You’ll get less kills and take more wounded/deaths with a wedge.
Selecting the Optimum Formation

Enemy HasYou use:
Predomiantely CAVInfantry Phalanx Ranged Force.
Predominately InfantryInfantry Phalanx Cavalry Force.
Ranged Phalanx Ranged Force.
Predominately RangedInfantry Phalanx Infantry Force.
Cavalry Phalanx Cavalry Force.
Cavalry and InfantryInfantry Phalanx Mixed Force
Cavalry Wedge with Cavalry and Infantry
Infantry and RangedRanged Phalanx with Ranged
Ranged and CavalryCavalry Phalanx with Cavalry
Mixed Equal ForceMixed Equal Force
A Wedge with your two strongest/highest quantity troop types.
Infantry Wedge: Infantry and Ranged
Cavalry Wedge: Cavalry and Ranged

Wedges improve the combined effectiveness of the two leading troop types against a mixed defender.
There is always a better way to attack if the enemy has a single or dual army.  Find the right Phalanx instead.
Never use a wedge with a single attacking troop type.  You’ll make less kills and do more damage to your own army.

There is no single rule for formations that makes one formation better than the other.  You need to carefully look at your own and your opponents troop mix.

Thanks to the guys at KMW & the late P*D for assisting in my experiments.  

Nerf (IGG ID: 386179736)

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Thank you for guide. Unfortunately your guide is too short. Please try to include as many details as you can.

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