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[Elite Trainer] D:Guild Battles (War for Wonders, Battle Royal, Darknests)

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Posted on 2017-04-09 19:50:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild wars are the beauty of this strategy game.

War for wonders: There is 1 base at the center of any kingdom and 6 forts that are located 1 at left 1 at right of the base 2 up from the base and the other 2 down from it.
After 5 days(120 hours) those wonders are getting in battle phase and any guild can claim these bases, those bases are giving an individual army boost for every guild member that is the owner of it.Tip* Don't try to boost a single troop type by getting the same boost from same boost giving bases at different kingdoms in any kvk because you can get only one boost from one wonder at a time.
A strong guy war talented war geared and as possible maxed war boost giving heroes can start a rally at the wonders, guild members should fill that rally to conquer it.
Once your guild conquer a wonder you can fill the wonder with a march of yours directly to make it more difficult for rival guilds to take it from you.
To secure a wonder, your guild must keep it for 4 hours then the wonder getting in protection phase for 5 days and the guild that secured any wonder will keep having those boosts from any fort or use tittle buffs from base.

Battle Royal:When this event is on kingdom 71 opens its gates for all mighty players from all kindoms in the game that they have 25 lvl turf they are part of a guild and they have a Royal Pass
(Costs 100k gems).
The event's duration lasts 2 days and the winner is the lord that posesses the base for the longest time.(timer counts by second).
The battles are about the same with any wonder but the difference of losing the time holding the wonder if your march evacuates it before it gets attacked.
After the event ends the emperor getting as rewards 50k gems * 20 and 6m gold * 100 (1mil gems and 600mil gold). Also he can use...:
Kingdom Labels that is title buffs that affects kingdoms one label at a kingdom.
Imperial Titles that affects a single player at any kingdom.
Emperor’s Bounty are gifts that awarded to individual players at the Emperor’s choosing.
Imperial Chronicles showing the past emperor's names the time of their occupation and coronation date.
Tip*It ain't about how hard you hit.Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!

Darknests: Darknest rally is a training phase of real PvP (player versus player) rally.
And that is because Darknests don't have any talents compared to a real player.
That's why we can win these battles without set war talents, but not all of them.
Boosts from heroes, leaders gear, and buffs are must for a lvl3.
Level 2 and 1 are easier.
You will not brake your shield when you rallying or scouting a Darknest.
You don't lose any troops attacking Darknests because goddes Athena rescues them just some troops will be injured depends on difficulty level Darknests.
Your rally will canceled if someone defeat your target before you.

Tips*Important things for lead a Darknest rallies.
1.Battle Hall: The capacity of the troops you can get for your rally determined by your BH lvl.
(Higher level battle hall can carry more troops for your rallies)
2.Know your enemy: Always scoot the enemy if you fail scoot (antiscoot is on)
So 2 things in that situation avoid this enemy or send mixed troops even spread in a full rally.
3.Army lineup: Go research(Academy/Army leadership) at least cavalry and ranged phalanx.
(Tap hero icon then down left button "Army Lineup";) Then drill to learn what this does.
4.What you need: Once you have scoot your enemy you know how you can defeat it.
Inform your guildmates what kind troops you need in your rally.
(Percentages % numbers would be wise so everyone send the amount you need in his march).
5.Counters/Countered: Infantry kills ranged.ranged kills cavalry.cavalry kills infantry.
6.Choose the right heroes: See what boosts, heroes giving you in a battle.(may change leader)
7.Send your leader in: If you send your leader at any rally or single attack you will get the bonus
of your gear and your talents.So get some war gear to your leader and throw him in Darknest.
8.Buff: You can boost more your rally troops with buffs for some time.
(There are defense buffs and attack buffs one can be on at a time)
"I use def buff on attacks and atk buff when defending my turf".

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It ain't about how hard you hit but its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!
Stay Alive!