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[Elite Trainer] Wulf's Guide on heroes!

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Posted on 2017-04-08 12:31:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Heroes are a very important part of your kingdom. They can buff your troops, increaseyour resource production and even increase your construction, research and training speeds. The most important heroes to max early on into your account are Scarlet Bolt, Sage of storms, and Trickster. Scarlet gives a 20% construction speed bonus as well as Sage. Trickster gives an awesome 25% research speed bonus. Maxing out these heroes to gold grade will certainly accelerate your growth. As far as battle heroes go, you should have a hero for each troop type maxed. EX: demon Slayer for infantry (30% INF attack, 50% INF max HP), Child of Light for cav (30% cav attack, 50% cav HP), and snow queen for ranged (30% ranged atk, 50% ranged max hp). Those are just some examples of battle heroes, they are plenty to choose from as each hero gives a certain boost except for pure adminstrative heroes such as trickster. Now let's talk about how these buffs work!, They are 2 types of hero skill buffs, Adminstrative and Logistic. Adminstrative skills are buffs that are passive and always active as long as you have that hero. Logistic skills are buffs that only active when you send that hero in an attack or have him/her stationed in your castle on defense. Take note that you don't have to use that hero as your leader for any of his/buffs to activate. Which brings us to our next topic, Leaders. Your leader is the hero you choose to carry your gear/talent buffs. Most players simply choose the hero that they like the most as thee leader, this isn't bad, it just may not be the smartest decision while your in battle.while in a war or battle with another guild/playdr, you'll want to use yourbest hero as your leader, Your leader is the one carrying your gear and talent bonuses, and it's very important to have those when attacking or defending. If you use a weak hero as your leader, you will have to send that hero in an attack to get the boosts, you'd be better off using a strong hero that you want in your attack rather than using a weak one that is just taking up space.Tjis goes for defense as well, you can't remove your leader from your defense station. Although it is a common tactics to use a weak leader so that if he is captured you won't be losing a powerful hero, which isn't a bad idea really. But it's ultimately up to you to choose. Next thing is maxing out your heroes, in order to increase the potency of that heroes skills and buffs, you must farm there particular elite hero stage for medals which you can use to enhance them once you get enough. There are five grades, grey, green, blue, purple and gold. At grey your heroes buffs will be weakest, while at gold your heroes buffs will be strongest. In order to unlock all three of your heroes skills you must rank up him/her. You can rank up a hero by equipping a trophy in all that heroes trophy slots. Trophy's will commonly have to be drafted from materials found in hero stages, which can be farmed simaler to hero medals. Rank greatly increases your heroes affectivness in hero stages and coliseum. And also unlocks his/her buffs as well as increases the number of troops you can send in battle. If you have any questions, please say something in the comments below! Thanks! IGG ID: 285348914