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[Chat(Android)] Attacking Castles

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Attacking Castles

Hello, I am going to be talking about all the features and functions around attacking castles. I will also be talking about how you can increase your overall stats and a few recommendations about how you can deal more damage and lose fewer troops.

How do I increase my overall attacking stats?

Your stats can be increased in many ways. The main ways of increasing it would be research, talents, and gear. Your research is extremely important. This is because when your military is maxed and you have T4 troops, your research might will be around 100 million and this gives 135% in the army boost (Attack, Defence, HP) and gives 135% in HP, Attack, and Defence for each troop. Your military is the main tree for every player and if you do not concentrate on this tree your will be very weak and will not be able to defeat castles near your might level.  One of the main ways of increasing you army potential is your heroes. Heroes give a vast amount of help when attacking. If you use F2P heroes you can still deal a ton of damage when you use the correct heroes. You should never use heroes like Trickster because he gives 0 help when attacking. You can also increase your attack from forts which gives 25% attack on each troop type and 20% defense and HP depending on which forts you manage to hold. Your attack can also be increased with titles. These are assigned by your overlord and below is a is of each title and their buffs. Finally, you can get army attack boosts of 20% or 50%. These provide a massive advantage over the other players.

Overlord – Army ATK + 10% Army DEF + 10% Army Max HP + 10%
Queen – Gold Production Rate + 20%
General – Army ATK + 10% Army DEF + 5%
Premier – Resource Production Rate Boost + 15%
Chief – Training Speed + 5% Army DEF + 5%
Warden – Army ATK +6% Army Max HP + 6%
Priest – Army DEF + 15%
Quartermaster – Travel Speed + 15% Resource Gathering Speed + 10%
Engineer – Construction Speed + 10% Army Max HP + 3%
Scholar – Research Speed + 10%

Below are the 5 best F2P heroes for mixed attacks (Cavalry, Ranged, and Infantry)
-    Rose knight (Army Attack)
-    Bombin’ Goblin (Army Attack)
-    Demon slayer (Infantry)
-    Tracker (Ranged)
-    Child of light (Cavalry)

Gear is one of the main things that will put you ahead of the rest. This is because attacking gear can provide a lot of help and support when attacking other castles (With your leader). Below I am going to list the best F2P gear currently.
Main-hand – Fiery Tomahawk (RSS Tiles) / Falcon Gale (RSS Tiles)
Helmet – Indulgent Visage (Bon Appeti) / Berserker Tuskhelm (RSS Tiles)
Armour – Armour of the Abyss (Hell Drider)
Legs – Honeycomb Chaps (Queen Bee) / Winter Stompers (Snow Best)
Off-hand – Crusader’s Shield (RSS Tiles) / Frostwing Shield (Frostwing)
Accessory – Lost Island’s Relic (RSS Tiles) / Aqua Anemone (Tidal Titans)

What Jewels do I put on my gear?

When your gear is complete and you know that you will be stick with it. You then can insert your jewels into them the jewels you want to use are only the Cav, Ranged and Infantry Attack Jewels. This is because currently in Lords Mobile Attacking stats are much better that Defence and HP stats. This is because all your troops can attack, whereas only the troop getting attack can use the defence and HP stats. This means that 10% attack is 30%. This is because it is 10% of each troop type. You can still use your defence jewels, but they will need to be replaced by attack jewels in the future. Trap and wall boosts are very good for trap gear and your offline gear. When you insert your jewels, I recommend that you get full blue jewels and then work on getting purple jewels. This will increase your attack and will make you stronger.

Should I scout enemy players before attacks?

The simple answer is yes! You should always scout the players you wish to attack, this is because they may have a massive army that could d eat your solo attack and take your leader, not to mention a number of losses you will get (around 100k dead). If you scout a player and they are the same might as you but have more troops you shouldn’t really attack them. If you have better gear or an army boost on then you can attack them, but you will lose a lot of troops in the process and if they have infirmaries to hold all their troops then you will feel like it wasn’t worth it. If players have anti-scout then you should always avoid them. This is because some may be trap account or just reinforced. However, you do get people that will ant scout just so you can’t see their troop composition. If you know the enemy’s troops then it’s easy to completely wipe them out just be sending the counters of each troop. For example, if the enemy has 80% ranged and 20% Cavalry, you will send 80% Infantry with 20% ranged. Below are the troop types and what they are effective against.
Cavalry – Counters Infantry & Siege but is countered by Ranged
Infantry – Counters Ranged & Siege, but is countered by Cavalry
Ranged – Counters Cavalry & Siege, but is countered by Infantry
Siege – Counters Defence (Traps & Walls), but is countered by Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry.

What troops do I send in attacks?

The troops you send in attacks will depend heavily on the troops that the enemy holds in their castle. Although most people say to never send siege in attacks I would disagree. A few sieges go a long way. It will help bring large walls down and protect your leader when attacking. You should always add your leader into attacks against big players. This is because without your leader you cannot get the buffs from your Talents and Gear, which would put you at a massive disadvantage. When sending the army, you should always try and max it out. For example, if you are a C25 try and send 250,000 troops in each attack. You can boost this number by using an Army Size Boost. This allows you to increase your army by 20/50%. This will mean that you can send more troops, causing, even more, damage per hit. You can also create a readymade army using the battalions in your Battle Hall. This can be researched and allows a much faster attack when you are trying to solo someone.

What should I look out for when attacking a hive?

When you attack a hive, it can be very dangerous and could possibly get you zeroed. But, when looking for a hive you should always look for holes. Holes provide protection from castles porting next to you and killing your troops. Secondly, you should always look at their top might players and make sure you and your guildmates can handle the whole hive. Finally, you should look at the allies and enemies of that guild. If they have allies check them and if they have enemies. Contact them and ask if they would like to join in with the hive attack. When you attack a hive, you should only send out 1 army at a time and shelter & rally the left-over troops. This will stop you from losing your whole army if the worst does happen. When you leave a hive, you should release the leaders (If you want to) before you random. This will stop them from following you, but if you need the prison and altar boost, keep them.

Thank you very much for listening to my guide and I really do hope that you learned something new. Please reply if there is a mistake or just a suggestion about something I could add.

IGG ID: 377038483
IG Name: TJC2299

Have Fun :)
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can you attack enemy castle until they disappeared from the map?