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[Elite Trainer] Nerf's Epic Battle Guides - Troops and Attacking – Part 3 – Troop Buildings

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Posted on 2017-04-07 05:27:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Note: This guide applies to people <C25.  Most of this advice goes out of the window then. 

Time and again I see some of the following:

  1. People with level 20+ Battle Halls, but only 10k troops to captain.
  2. complaining that they never get above 100k troops.

The discussions usually go like this:

Them: Damn back down to 50k troops again.
Me: Ouch
Them: Don’t worry I have 230% training time.
Me: Really, how many infirmary beds do you have?
Them: Where’s that? Etc. about 70k.
Someone else: Oh that’s enough.
Me: How many troops did you have before the attack?
Them: 150k
Me: Urgh not again

So what’s going on here? Are there enough infirmary beds?  Is the balance right?

Purposes of each building
Let’s go back to basics and look at each building.  Each building contributes some useful statistic in your troop healing and creation balance.  These all stack.  You can look at any single building and see your capacity.

Each barracks and improvement in barracks level just increases the amount of a troop that you can train at the same time.  

Barracks also add defense boosts (Level 6 1%, 12 2%, 18 3%, 24 4% and 25 10%).  These are pretty negligible until you reach C25. 

So how many barracks do you need?  The usual answer for <C25 is 2.

These produce gold and speed up troop training times.  At C25 they offer a really lame 2% ATK boost.

Infirmaries SAVE your troops when they are lost in battle.  If you have the room 40% of your troops go to infirmary when you are the aggressor and 100% when you are the defender.  You can heal multiple troop types at the same time.

Infirmaries also add a 5% ARMY HP boost at C25.

Infirmary vs Barracks vs Manor
So what’s the crux of the problem?  Too many players see the gold production and troop training speed and see manors as the most important building.  They really are NOT certainly until you reach C25 and well beyond.

Why? You can heal 200K troops that are in the infirmary within in two days.  Even with almost all manors fully levelled a mid-level player would struggle to train that many troops in a month.  

The player with little infirmary spaces would never reach 200k anyway, because inevitably they attack or defend and would be cleaned out back to near their infirmary point on the every fight.

Troop Building Strategy
Build at least 250k infirmary beds.  That covers a full army.  That’s what you are left with if your troops are exposed and you are attacked.  You should aim as high as you reasonably can. 

What about the gold?  Well that small amount of gold production is a liability.  If you always have a few hundred k gold sat in your storage then you are just a nice farming target.  That farming will almost guarantee that your troops are wiped out at some point.

What about the train speed? Manors add only 0.5% or 1% train speed till you get them well above Level 22.  A whole bunch of low level manors is only going to chop off a few minutes each upgrade off your training time. 

So how should I build? Don’t go crazy levelling these, build them up to level 9 fast (You can get there out of VIP speedups).  Then evenly build up manors and infirmaries as you can.  Don’t go holding up other builds to get them all to max levels, just make sure the infirmary covers your current troops and a weeks growth.

C25+? When you get your army out of the danger zone (ie. Well above 600k troops and C25+) you can start thinking about remodelling for faster troop building.  The troop buildings all are pretty fast to level, so you should expect to demolish and rebuild when you go beyond C25.

Specialist builds such as trap castles will want to reach 500k beds in time.

Thanks to the guys at KMW & P*D for assisting in my experiments.  

Nerf (IGG ID: 386179736)