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Hello dear Lords Mobile players. 

Here I come with my second guide for this lovely game. 
I wanted to create this guide because I found it hard to properly fight monsters and get the best out of each hit. 

Before choosing the hunting method, we should get all our necessary things up to date. What we need to have in mind when monster hunting is: 

  • Required heroes for monster type
  • Researching skills for monster hunting
  • Energy level

Most important thing to care about is the hero lineup that you will use for each monster. 

There will be 2 types of monsters: the ones that need physical damage and the ones that need magical damage. As you will see, different heroes have different main stats depending on level (1-60) and depending on rank (white, green, blue, purple). Each hero has an attributes page, where this can be checked, as follows: 

As you can see, there are heroes that are good on physical damage, some that are good on magic damage, and some more balanced heroes that do physical as well as magic damage. 

In your Academy, under Monster Hunt section, you will find skills you can research for different bonuses: 
Energy recovery - does the obvious.
Energy limit - increases the maximum energy you can store.
Energy saver - reduces the energy spent for each hit on monsters.
Aggressive hunter - it says it increases the limit number of hits per monster. I have invested in it, but I never reached the limit while hunting, so better leave this one out for as long as possible.
Animal Handling - increases monster hunt travel speed. this is VERY IMPORTANT for hunting event monsters. Like the resource monsters or gem goblins! 
Monster Hunter I - increases damage dealt to monsters. 
Skills for monster hunting: 

After researching the first 3 skills, you will be able to unlock Monster Hunt II skill that will allow you to hunt level 2 monsters. The same will be done later, after 5 skills, to unlock Monster Hunt III for level 3 monsters and so on. 

ENERGY LEVEL: While at low player levels (castle level 5-15) you should focus on waiting for full energy to hit level 1 monsters with "DMG Boost x..." button. 

This will give you more consistent rewards than if you would hit the monster 3 or 4 times in a row. 
To boost your energy capacity even further, at some point, you will be able to hire Trickster, who will increase max energy with 150 for grade silver, 300 for grade green, 600 for grade blue, 1200 for grade purple and 3000 for grade gold.

Hunting methods:
1. Hunting for rewards per hit.
2. Hunting to kill monsters so all guild has the bonus chest. 

1. For this method, you should wait until you have maximum energy than use "DMG Boost x..." on highest level of unlocked monsters. This will give you the best rewards, but while hunting bigger level monsters you will do only low damage to them. 
Also, when using this method, all your hits (2-3 or more done simultaneously) will not have the attack boost given while hunting in row.
After this you should wait until your energy is back at full and do the same thing again and again. 
The energy stored in your backpack should be gathered for events like guild fests of special monsters - serpent vizier was the last one that appeared in an event. This kind of monsters give special rewards and you should be prepared to hit him many times! 

2. For this method, you should know your energy level/damage per hit you can do to a level 1, 2 or 3 monster. 
When you have full energy, you should start hunting highest level of monster you know you can kill with only one full of energy. 
Here you will use hunt in row tactic. This will boost your damage after every hit on each monster, thus making it easier to kill monsters faster. 

Personally, I now hit a level 1 monster the first time for approximately 40% damage to the monster, a level 2 monster for about 3-4% damage to the monster and a level 3 monster for about 0,7% damage to the monster. I spend about 2600 energy on a hit on level 1 monster, about 4400 energy on a level 2 monster and about 7500 energy on a hit on a level 3 monster. I have a total of about 21,5k energy so my options are to either hit 2 times a level 3 monster, hit 4 times a level 2 monster, or hit 7 or 8 times level 1 monsters. 
While I hit  7 times level 1 monsters, I have the chance to kill 2-3 monsters, depending on lineup and monster attributes.

And now, that we know all about the methods, let's hunt some monsters!
Here, we have 3 kind of monsters that are live today:

When checking the info for each monster, we will find that: 
Blackwing will be easily damaged by physical damage

Mecha Trojan will be damaged by magic damage:

And Tidal Titan will also be damaged by magic damage:

Other monsters will have the following weaknesses: 
Blackwing: takes physical damage.
Bon Appeti: takes physical damage.
Frostwing: medium takes damage from ranged physical and magic heroes.
Gargantuas: takes magic damage.
Grim Reaper: takes physical damage.
Gryphon: medium takes damage from ranged physical and magic heroes.
Hell Drider: takes magic damage.
Jade Wyrm: takes magic damage.
Mecha Trojan: takes magic damage.
Mega Maggot: takes magic damage.
Noceros: takes magic damage. 
Queen Bee: takes physical damage.
Saberfang: takes magic damage. 
Snow Beast: takes physical damage.
Terrorthorn: takes physical damage.
Tidal Titan: takes magic damage. 

It is best to read the description of each monster in order to arrange your hero lineup for best performance. 
Always try to use the heroes with maximum damage found in Attributes page! 

Thus, for my case, for magic damage on heroes I will use: 
Snow Queen, Bombin' Goblin, Prima Donna, Sage of Storms, Incinerator. 

And for physical damage on heroes I will use: 
Night Raven, Tracker, Death Archer, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt.

Happy Hunting!

My previous guide: http://lordsmobile.forum.igg.com/topic?ctid=4960 
IGG ID: 388305352

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An easier way to distinguish what Hero type it is is the symbol in the upper right of the portrait.  Golden fist = STR Hero (Tank),  Blue winged boots = AGI Hero (Physical DPS), Purple crystal = INT Hero (Magical DPS (Can also be a healer)).

Used to have 9 alt accounts but lost access to most, I want to cry  T_T
Posted on 2017-04-13 09:26:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes, but they still have different attributes in details.