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[Elite Trainer] Construction and Research Guide

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Construction and research provide a lot of boosts, eg. for stone production, siege attack, and so on. These are important in leveling the maintenance of your turf and are vital to its whole balance.
Here are tips for construction for production sites. In your early days, your farms, mills, mines, and quarries should be equal in amount. If you are constantly training troops, no matter what tier, and you are increasing your castle and building levels, it is best to delete all but one farm, and build mills, mines and quarries in place of those farms. If you have a large amount of soldiers, you will be killing yourself with upkeep. If you need food, gather some or just grab some from your inventory.
Tips for other sites.
If you are after solid might, I recommend that you build a lot of manors, as they are the buildings with the highest might. However, if you prefer training a lot of troops which, in a number of cases of those who train troops constantly, yields much more might than manors, you may build more barracks and infirmaries (which you must level out). Be aware that troop might is not stable, and when you engage in battle, you will lose might because of dead soldiers. Wounded soldiers can be healed in the infirmaries by spending resources, but the dead ones cannot be revived, of course. Once your wounded soldiers are healed, the might they yield will be brought back.

I recommend this for players with castle levels higher than 10-15, only upgrade ONE type of building before the next castle level. If you think about it, you will reach castle level 25 faster. Then, when you are pretty self sufficient, upgrading those low level buildings will be a piece of cake.

Research guide.
If you will go away to school or work or wherever, do the research that takes the most time. If you are a new player and your research doesn't take very long, do lots of short research, then long ones before you go offline.
When you research higher levels of tech, always remember to keep a high level of resources so you won't have to dig into your inventory too much.

Funding for construction and research.
One problem with some high level players is that their resource inventory is empty, or they don't have enough resources to fund something important. This is because they have used a lot earlier on, and have come to regret it now. In serious cases, this is a burden to your guild (if you're a member of one), if you keep asking your guildmates for resources nonstop (I have encountered such people, and trust me, they are kicked out when everyone is fed up).
Keep gathering even while you are AFK, but remember not to send out troops over your infirmary limit, in case you get attacked.
One of your resource splurges will occur when you will upgrade your castle to 25, researching tier four troops, and others that require a lot of resources.
Remember, to fund construction and research, keep a lot of resources out and in your bag, but if it is still insufficient, you may ask guildmates for help. What are guildmates for?

Happy hunting, from TM, V, from Mls guild, mlsmeta.

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