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[Elite Trainer] Attacking Castles/Troops

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Phalanx Tips & Tricks

This is a 2 in 1 guide because you can't simply talk about deciding a phalanx without getting into troop composition.
Ever wanted to attack someone and tried to figure out what phalanx they use or even defending your castle, you can't decide what phalanx to defend with, well here is a couple of tips to help you.

#1. Basic knowledge
There are 3 different types of phalanx; infantry, range, and cavalry.
Infantry has an advantage over range.

Range has an advantage over cavalry.

Cavalry has an advantage over infantry.

#2. Do they have more than 1 phalanx?

 Deciding if the castle has any other phalanx unlocked besides infantry. Now my rule of thumb is to attack 0 to 15 million might players with Cavalry Phalanx. Since they are a low might player, they may only have the default phalanx which is infantry. Also please note that a castle needs to be level 20 in order to make their Academy level 20 which is a requirement for cavalry and range phalanx. Meaning if a castle is level 19 and below they definitely don't have it.

#3. Your troop composition
 If you're not a big t4 player, I suggest having a balanced troop composition. What I mean is that if an enemy has 150k infantry, 75k cavalry, and 50k snipers. You don't want your army to be only 60k cavalry, 150k snipers, and 80k infantry. You want to have enough cavalry to counter that infantry and that goes for all the troop types besides seige. What I did once I unlocked t3 troops was make 100k of each of those 3 types. But make it even, like don't make 100k cavalry then 100k snipers. Make sure all of them are a working progress. I did mine in sets of 10k. Once I had 10k cavalry, I moved on to the next type and etc. Same for reaching 20k since it counts as a set of 10k in the rotation. You want to have the freedom to counter castles because you have a balanced troop type even counter on the defense aspect.

#4. Enemy troop composition
Now before you attack in most cases scout. I always scout before attacking. A player maybe only 25m might but it very well may be a trap. Either reinforcements with t4(which I did see actually happen during kvk) or a garrison by someone way stronger than you. Now determining a phalanx is like rock, paper, scissor.  This method is knowing the troop composition of the defender. Meaning how many troops they have of each type. For example, 75k cavalry, 150k infantry, and 50k snipers. Let's use those numbers as a scout report. That person has way more infantry than his/her other troop types so, you would lead with Cavalry Phalanx. Now this isn't 100% going to work everytime because the chances are 1 out 3.

#5. Gear
This is a long shot, but it helps the chances of deciding the right phalanx in coordination with troop comp. If you see someone with 150k cavalry and 150k snipers with 2-3 fear drum accessories and a dragon fist, you may very well suspect that they are running cavalry phalanx. Players tend to use the phalanx for their strongest troop type.

#6. What if it's a balanced castle?
Well if the defender has 100k cavalry, 100k range, and 100k infantry and the gear looks balanced. You need to first figure out what is your strongest troop type, in my case it is cavalry. I always lead with cavalry phalanx on a balanced castle and also if I'm completely unsure about the phalanx, I lead with cavalry. Lead with your strongest type of troop if you're unsure.

#7. Defense Battle Report

This has happened many times for me. Say that a guy attacks you and you want to retaliate. Check your mail for the battle report and scroll down, you should be able to see what phalanx the attacker used and also the troops he sent. This could be useful not only for you but also to quickly share this to anyone in your guild that may want to port in and attack his returning troops. That is a good tip to check for the phalanx.

 I hope that my guide will be able to help players from the lords mobile community. I put a lot of time into creating this guide. Good luck everyone. P.S. all screenshots are directly from my accounts linked to Lords Mobile.
IGG ID: 321041394

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