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[Elite Trainer] Construction & Research - Monster Hunt Research Tree Guide

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Posted on 2017-04-03 02:36:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi All,

Wanted to make this guide about the Monster Hunt research tree. I was also confused although did a little digging and a lot of asking and a lot of reading so I'm already on the way to perfect my knowledge on Monster Hunt. 

I want to share this knowledge with you, which will hopefully help to understand what you want to upgrade first and what should be the next research you should do. 

We will take the Monster Hunt tree by Monster levels as it will be easier. And will try to keep it short and not to repeat a lot of things as some of the skills have lvl I and lvl II

Monster Hunt I:

- Monster hunt I gives you the ability to hunt level 1 monsters. 
- Once you opened the Monster Hunt I you will have access to upgrade the following
- Energy Recovery I: This increases the energy regeneration rate. With each research you will have a higher energy regeneration percentage.
- Energy Limit I: This increases your total energy, as soon as you upgrade this your energy limit will increase, for example first level gives you 250 energy, second level 400 and so on. 
- Energy Saver I: This reduces the energy that is needed to attack a monster. 

Monster Hunt II: 

- Monster hunt II gives you the ability to hunt level 2 monsters. 
- Aggressive Hunter I: Increases the number of hunts in a row you can make on a monster. This will be handy to take down higher level monsters if you have a lot of saved energy (becase of the % Dmg bonus) 
- Animal Handling: Want to run faster? Yes - this skill increases the travel speed for monsters (handy when doing even monsters). 
- Monster Hunter I: Increases your dmg against monsters
- Survival Tactics I: This will come handy when doing higher lvl monsters, basically it increases your Heroes HP, this way they will last longer and hopefully get the heal from your healer hero. 
- Hunter Recovery I: Increases the healing of your heroes, which is again important to sirvive until the end so you can make higher dmg. 

Monster Hunt III

- Monster hunt III gives you the ability to hunt level 3 monsters.
- Aggressive Hunter II: Same as I, just more boost
- Monster Hunter II: Same as I, just more boost
- Survival Tactics II: Same as I, just more boost
- Hunter Recovery II: Same as I, just more boost

Monster Hunt IV

- Monster hunt IV gives you the ability to hunt level 4 monsters.
- MP Advantage: Some of you might not know, but MP is the "little yellow bar" that fills up and then you can use your Heroes skill (I think it's Mana Power). The MP Advantage help by giving your heroes a starting MP - therefor you will be able to skill the monster a lot faster - leading to higher DMG. 
- Monster Hunter III: Same as I and II just more boost
- Energy Recovery II: Same as I, just more boost
- Energy Saver II: Same as I, just more boost
- Energy Limit II: Same as I, just more boost

Monster Hunt V

- Monster hunt V gives you the ability to hunt level 5 monsters.

The End :) 

Hopefully the above helps you understand this tree a little better and raises a red flag that this is important if you want to get good drops from monsters. 

Any questions - let me know!

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Posted on 2019-07-01 09:09:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

My monster hunting tree is almost everything is at 9 event the monster handling and I've monster gears also almost everything blue still i am slow compared to some of my guild member who don't have monster gears and they are almost as same might as I am 50m might so academy 25vis not possible for them.. Please qive me solution regarding this.. Thank you

Posted on 2019-12-04 23:48:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

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