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[Elite Trainer] Draxos' Offensive Detailed Guide

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Lord Draxos' Offensive Detailed Guide

PS. Please note that this guide is to help you make an army strategy suited for you! Nobody can have the perfect strategy and you must make an ideal strategy that fits you!

Table of Contents:

Basic Knowledge


                                              - Hero Battle Skills

                                              - Hero Compositions

Talents & Gear

Army Formations

- Basic Phalanx's

- The chart

Army Strategies

- Tips

- The 3 army strategies

Basic Knowledge

Welcome to my guide that I have to do 2 times hahah, not so funny :/

Well during this guide I will teach you everything you need to know about attacking and making sure you don't lose more troops than you have to while you attack. First things first, you need to know what I call the Troop Heirarchy: Infantry>Ranged>Cavalry>Infantry (Short for IRCI)

This here will take you a long way, and will be the core piece of information throughout the guide. Also in this guide we won't be talking much about Siege, or won't talk about it at all because in my opinion it's really not needed :)


Heroes in this game is your centerpiece of your offense, and not to mention your defense as well. Your heroes can make or break your offense, and if your heroes aren't in a good composition your enemy can have a great advantage over you, and you'll lose lots of troops. So lets get on with it.

Hero Battle Skills

The battle skills of a Hero is what makes them different from other heroes. It's like our physical features as a human being. Each hero will have different battle skills, some may be alike but never exactly the same :)

Here is a picture of Death Knight:

As you can see his battle skills are thus:

- Soul Vortex

- Stone Supply Management

- Cavalry Health Boost

- Cavalry Defense Boost

You can also see that the hero has a certain troop type, and a "command". Now you may be wondering, WHAT THE HELL IS COMMAND? Well command basically means that it can bring a tag along. It's like being able to bring a +1 to a party, except a hero can bring a +6000 to a war! Now I want you to look carefully at Death Knight's battle skills, as you can see Soul Vortex is the most visible one, and it the most significant one by far! Soul Vortex gives the squad Death Knight commands an extra 110% attack boost. Now what this doesn't mean the 6000 troops that he brings along, but this means the whole cavalry part of your army! Each hero has a troop type and that's the troop type they control. If you have 2 heroes of the same troop type they share the command 50/50 and if you have 3 they share the command 33/33/33, and so on!

                              Hero Compositions

Here in Lords Mobile, like I said Hero compositions can either make or break your offensive line. And by explaining your Hero composition, it will help you understand your troop composition a lot better!

In a hero composition you first want to know what you're troop composition will be. Whether you want your infantry to be your main troop type, cavalry, or ranged. You'll also need a secondary troop type where your second strongest troop type will be. Whichever they are, you'll have more heroes of. For example, if your main troop type is infantry I would have 2 infantry heroes, my second troop type is cavalry I'll have 2 cavalry heroes, and my least important is ranged so I'll have 1 ranged hero.

Here is an example of the hero composition I explained above.

With the heroes I've chosen you can also see the extra bonuses I get on the side!

Talents & Gear

Talents and gear are very straight forward. With war talents, you souly put all of your talents on the left side, and you simply forget about the right side. Here is what it should look like.

The yellow box indicates where to put your left over points, if your main troop type is infantry, then you put them in Infantry Offense III, if Ranged then put them in Ranged Offense III. BUT PLEASE DO EVERYTHING ELSE FIRST BEFORE THOSE 

The gear is just as simple, here is a list of all the gears you should be having depending on your main troop type:

Main Hand
Cavalry: Fiery Tomahawk, Falcon Gale or Septic Spikes
Infantry: Venom Stinger or Septic Spikes
Ranged: Harbinger, Venom stinger or Falcon Gale
Cavalry: Blood-Stained Helm
Infantry: Berserker Tuskelm or Shadow Helmet
Ranged: No good F2P helmet, you should try to make Ancient Hat but you need Rare Grim Reaper Loot.
Cavalry: Regal Platemail
Infantry: Grimy Plate
Ranged: Regal Platemail
Cavalry: Durable Boots or Amethyst Boots
Infantry: N/A
Ranged: Durable Boots or Amethyst Boots
Frostwing Shield gives good army DEF and HP
Cavalry: Noah's Cube
Infantry: Crusader's Shield
Ranged: Lunar Scimitar , Crusader's Shield or Noah's Cube
Cavalry: Ivory Choker
Infantry: Lost Island's Relic
Ranged: Lost Island's Relic

Here is my war gear and the hero I use for war:

Army Formations

Army formations called "Phalanxes" generally follow the same principles the troop hierarchy has. For example: 

Infantry Phalanx>Ranged Phalanx>Cavalry Phalanx>Infantry Phalanx.

Your phalanx is the first army formations you unlock and are essential for battle. I suggest you unlock them immediately. 

The big differences between the 2 are these: Phalanxes are more for evened out armies, and wedges are specially made for 2 troop types. When you use wedges you'll receive more injured troops because it's made for higher armies but you'll punch a bigger hole. While Phalanxes you won't lose as many troops, but you won't pack a very hard punch. Here are the troop formations.

Infantry Phalanx:
Counters: Ranged Phalanx
Countered by: Ranged Wedge, Cavalry Phalanx, Cavalry Wedge

Infantry Wedge:
Counters: Ranged Wedge, Ranged Phalanx
Equal to: Cavalry Phalanx
Countered by: Cavalry Wedge

Ranged Phalanx:
Counters: Cavalry Phalanx, 
Equal to: Cavalry Wedge.
Countered by: Infantry Wedge, Infantry Phalanx

Ranged Wedge:
Counters: Infantry Wedge, Infantry Phalanx.
Equal to: Cavalry Wedge.
Countered by: Cavalry Phalanx

Cavalry Phalanx:
Couners: Infantry Phalanx
Equal to: Infantry Wedge
Countered by: Ranged Phalanx.

Cavalry Wedge:
Counters: Infantry Wedge.
Equal to: Infantry Phalanx.
Countered by: Ranged Wedge.

Army Strategies

So based on the information I've given you, you should be able to make an ideal army strategy, that will work for you! I've basically given you the tools you need, now you create your own masterpiece my young one!

But just incase you are still a little stuck, let me give you some example of the army strategies, that I've seen!

1. Combining all the things that I've given you here is the most ideal strategy. To have the right hero compositions, the your primary troop type, secondary troop type, etc. having your gears and talents set made for your primary troop type is the army strategy that will get you the least amount of deaths and most amount of kills RATIO. If you don't know what this means, then you haven't read my guide fully.

2. Attacking with 1 troop type is also a strategy that has been used on me many times, and for the most part it fails miserably because the person who's doing it doesn't scout me first and they find out that my army is evened out, so I usually prevail with 0 dead troops, and usually just troop in the hospital. People would use 1 troop type, all their heroes would be infantry, their talents set for infantry, their gear set for infantry and hope for the best. Not the best in my opinion.

3. Then there are multiple armies. One of my guild mates has showed me a GREAT army strategy that has been working for him, it's similar to the first strategy, but he'll send around 3 armies. His first army will be our "Ideal" army strategy as #1. His second army will consist of a new primary troop type, and he will send new heroes that correspond with the new troop type, and the third army will be his left over troops to collect resources.


If you have any questions, concerns, or something you think I did wrong, please say so in the comments. I've tried to explain the war mechanics of this game best I could.

Lord Draxos || IGG ID: 240540413

K37 || Q.R || Lord Draxos

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Still in progress, just wanted to save it!

Completely done now!

Also, if somebody knows how to fix that weird spacing it would be much appreciated.

K37 || Q.R || Lord Draxos

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Hi there, thank you so much for your Guide. You will receive your reward within 24 hours!

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A great guide - Just not sure about your understanding of formations.  Formations change the fundamental strengths/weakness of troops.  They are not inherently better or stronger than each other.


A Cavalry phalanx makes your Cav strong against Ranged and Weak against infantry.
A Ranged phalanx makes your Ranged strong against Infantry and Weak against Cavalry.

If both sides are balanced (1:1:1 ratio) and with similar research/talents then there is no change of outcome (Win/Lose) if you use the different Phalanxes.

Using a different Phalanx is best used where the enemy has an imbalance.  1 or 2 troop types.   You often see this in Darknests or on resource tile attacks.  A lot of players also tend to specialize in a single troop type (typically Cav for some reason).

More on formations here.


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Could you discuss the war specific heroes and how they may skew the battle as well?  (Berserker etc)

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Look the reason why someone would go one type is to have a lot of damn attack,a counter is 3x difference so if you are split between 3 sure your cav will hold them off but they will be pushed their gear,gems,heros all up to get a huge huge attack while yours is split, this doesn't use siege since walls are a joke to it,this way you can also put more talents on it,also on your talents I'd like to add if you have more of a one type or even 2 types cause that is a good way of attacking aswell go attack first of course taking in %,if you have done tests attack is shown to be stronger then attack and defense least

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So can someone clarify the hero "tactic" skill - i.e the squad attack boost. Based on this post, it says 1 cavalry hero will command 100% of the squad, if you add another cavalry hero it will be split 50/50.

First of all, is a "squad" ALL of that troop type deployed in the given army? E.g if you deployed 100K cavalry and 100k ranged, does that mean you have ONE squad of 100k cav and ONE squad of 100k ranged, being 2 squads total?

Secondly, what happens if say you have a gold trickster (200% ranged squad attack) but say a grey tracker (105% ranged squad attack). Does that mean you would be better off to ONLY use the trickster as to not 'dilute' the 200% bonus? Even taking into account that trickster provides no Ranged bonus logistic skills, but tracker does?

Some clarification would be awesome, thanks!