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[Elite Trainer] Hero Stages

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The Hero Stage is divided into 3 categories
1. Normal - Normal level hero stage require 6 stamina (8 for chapter 8), finishing hero stage with 3 star (no hero died) you will unlock sweeps. Don't be afraid to lose on hero stage, losing will not waste your stamina. finishing normal stage would reward you with some experience, hero experience (food for sweep), trophies and fragments. After each chapter you will get special awards
2. Elite - Elite hero stage requires 12 stamina to finish, it is the same with normal stage, the difference is that you can get medals. Medals are used to unlock new heroes or upgrade an existing one. In order to do the elite quest you must finish first its normal stage in any star, example to do the elite 3-3, finish first normal 3-3. Elite stage would give the same trophies and fragments (with the same drop rate), higher experience, higher hero experience (food for sweep) and of course hero medal. I personally recommend to only do normal quest to get the after chapter awards and unlock its hero stage. In the late game you'll discover the importance of medals. So i advice you to never sweep normal hero stage but go for elite hero stages.
3. Challenge - This stage won't require you to spend stamina, their rewards for finishing is gems (you can only get gems once per level so repeating it won't give you gems) and they seldom drop common/uncommon grade trophies and 5min/10min speed ups. You must meet some special requirements to finish challenges, example: use only male/female/int/str/agi, Don't let anyone die, Don't let the boss stun you, Stun the boss 2x and etc. You can unlock challenge hero stage once you own enough hero to join.

For me, One of the best way to spend your gems is the brave hearts, because it gives you:

a. Damage - when defending and attacking, the damage of your hero is based on your grade (common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary) common deals 105% damage, uncommon deals 110% damage, rare deals 120% damage, epic deals 140% damage and legendary 200% damage this damage is beneficial in both attacking and defending
b. Speed - some heroes give construction, research and training speed and the benefits increase as per grade
c. Monster damage/defense - it increases your damage to monster (nothing much), but your defense to monster is something, there is a relation between the death of your heroes and the drops. 5 heroes surviving gives more drop than 1 hero surviving and etc.
d. Gems - you can get gems from Colosseum, upgrading your hero no doubt would also increase your Colosseum standing, this would affect the gem output your receive per 3 hours.
e. Troop Strength/Defense and Hp- upgrading your hero strengthen your troops, heroes give additional boost to your hero example, Army attack (1% common, 2% uncommon, 4% rare, 8% epic and 20% legendary)
f. Other miscellaneous benefit - other miscellaneous benefit includes resources production, making hero stages easier, increasing your might, wall defense, trap attack, trap defense and trap hp.

Note: When using brave hearts, spend it only on the elite, to get the a-f benefits. While this benefits takes patience to realize but nevertheless it is still worth it.

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Can I ask a question?

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What are the elemental heroes?