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[Elite Trainer] Game Tips (for players below Castle Lv 17)

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Resource Gathering
- The Ballista (Siege Engine) has the highest capacity out of all four Tier 1 troops. You can also raise your army capacity by using equipment (e.g. Noceros Mask, Terror Lash, Electric Lance, Gryphon’s Talon) and research (Weight Training under Economy & Army Leadership).
- Do not send your Leader out to gathering! This puts them at risk of getting captured if your tiles are hit.
- Send out 3 gathering troops at a time for efficiency
- Clear out resource tiles! New resource tiles will appear once existing ones are depleted.
- You may also get materials from resource tiles. These can be used to forge equipment.

Recommended Buildings
Before Castle Lv 17:
- 1 - 2 Barracks
- 2 - 3 Infirmaries
- Build Manors on the remaining tiles
- 1 Farm
- Build Mines/ Quarries / Lumber Mills on the remaining resource-producing base tiles

After Castle Lv 17:
- 3-4 Barracks (or 1 -2, depending on your preference)
- Infirmaries are important! Make sure they can accommodate all your troops in case of an attack!
- 1 Farm
- Build Mines/ Quarries / Lumber Mills on the remaining resource-producing base tiles


- You will deal extra DMG when you hunt the same monster in succession. The DMG Boost option deals a ton of DMG to Monsters (you can usually take out a Lv 1 Monster in one attempt on a full Energy meter by using this option).
- Resource Monsters (Goblins, Evil Weevils, Totempests, Bouldurs, and Krabbys) die in a single hit. Hunt Resource Monsters that are close to your Turf (under 1 min of travel time). Monsters that are too far away may be hunted by someone else before you even get to them!
- Don’t waste Travel Boosts on Gathering Troops! Save them for battles instead.
- You can view the Monster Manual by tapping on a Monster, and then tapping on on the bottom left corner. This details their weaknesses and will give you tips on what kind of heroes you should send to hunt them down!
- Focus on talents that boost construction speed and research speed first
- Level up talents that can boost army capacity or gathering speed after you’ve maxed out talents for construction speed and research speed.
Make good use of talent sets! Switch to one that best suits your current needs:
- Use a talent set that is focused on boosting training speed when you’re training troops.
- Use a talent set that boosts your army attributes when fighting battles (Remember to use Turf Boosts to increase your Army ATK and Army DEF).
Note: Research Innate Talent (under Upgrade Military) to unlock Talent Sets. You can save Talent Sets by using Talent Tomes, which can be bought in the Guild Shop.


Use different Equipment sets! You should have at least 3 sets to switch between, with each focused on a specific need. Here are some recommended Equipment Sets (Lv 30-50).
1. For building up your base
Odysseus (Lv 40 Armor)
Seafarer Cleats (Lv 35 Legs) / Amethyst Boots (Lv 40 Legs)
Trident (Lv 35 Main-hand) / Lumos Lance (Lv 27 Main-hand)
Highly Recommended: Sentinel’s Circlet (Lv 40 Accessory) (You can equip 2 of these when Workshop is upgraded to Lv 17)
2. For boosting research
Cavalry Mail (Lv 35 Armor)
Vice Grips (Lv 40 Off-hand)
Highly Recommended: Lunar Flute (Lv 40 Accessory) (You can equip 2 of these when Workshop is upgraded to Lv 17)
3. Battle Set
This will depend on your specific need in combat, and if there is a particular troop type your military is focused on.
- Equipment boosts will not affect any ongoing construction / research. Boosts from equipment apply when you start construction or research.
- Research Quick Swap in the Academy to unlock Equipment Sets. You can save Equipment Sets by using Equipment Quills, which can be bought in the Guild Shop.
Guild Coins

You can get Guild Coins by helping your guildmates! Use Guild Coins to buy useful items. If you require materials, Quest Scrolls and Material Chests are a good investment.
There are 4 types of events: Solo, Hell, 24h Challenge, and special events. Fulfill event requirements to earn event points, and earn great rewards! Requirements can be found under the “Source” section in the respective event pages.
Tip: Save your Speed Ups / Energy items and use them during an event!

Different tiers of troops can be used for different purposes.
- Tier 1 troops: Gathering
- Tier 2 troops: Can be used for gathering or attacking
- Tier 3 & 4 troops: Attacking
- Make sure you have the correct Talent and Equipment set equipped before you train troops.
- You can send out a preset army with the Battalion feature. Research Central Command (under Upgrade Military) to unlock Battalions, which can be edited in your Battle Hall.

Player Levels
Earn Player EXP by completing Quests, hunting Monsters, clearing Hero Stages and engaging in battles. You can easily gain Player Levels by completing Turf Quests and hunting Monsters. Your Player Level limits your Heroes’ max level and Equipment you can wear. Level up as quickly as you can to wear the strongest Equipment!

My Leader got captured! What do I do?
- Send them a mail. It’s always best to try and resolve the issue amicably
- Put a bounty (we recommend 100,000 Gold) on the enemy holding the leader. Players/rallies who defeat the enemy will release your leader and claim the bounty.

Survival Tips
- Relocate your City away from overly populated areas. However, this means that you will not have easy access to high level resource tiles.
- If you are in a Guild, relocate to the “hive”. (Note: Smaller guilds should break off into mini-hives to prevent themselves from being a target.)
Before you go to bed:
- Use up your resources (Tip: Swap them for items in the Cargo Ship)
- Hide your Leader and troops in your Shelter
- Shield up if you can!

Battle Tips

- Counter-attacking: While an enemy is marching towards your City, send troops to attack their city instead.
Note: Invest in research that boost your City’s defense (Wall HP and DEF) and Troop Speed
- Anti-Scout: Anti-Scouts can be used to confuse your enemies. If you get scouted, find out why you are being scouted. If the other player intends to attack you, inform your guildmates and work out a strategy. 
- Teamwork: Rally a Coalition to take down your opponent’s stronger forces. However, this may take a while, and it is faster to take on your enemies directly if you are able. Use Winged Boots and Withdraw Squads to your advantage.
- When getting attacked:
A) If you have any troops out on an expedition, shelter your remaining troops and your Leader. Send excess resources (especially gold) to another guild member for safekeeping.
B) Shield up if you can!

Other Tips
- Always send help to your guildmates! Sending help speeds up construction/research by 1% so assist them whenever you can.

- Always shelter your troops, especially your Leader! Their Battle Skills will become inactive if your Leader gets captured.

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VerrI god the game

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These guides miss out:

1) barracks, at the beginning they are important, normal people wont be training every 15minutes lol, they want atleast a few hours,its more important in the beginning,afterwards you train alot longer and since you unlock better troops

2)its best pushing straight to c17 99%the time lol

3)dont get so many infirms if you dont have the troops

4)more troops means the more you can gather in a row,you should easy make enough constantly and you and teammates and swap rss

5)get into a good guild

6)why focus on bad gear, like vice grips,sure its the best in its spot but it takes good materials that are hard to find and fit so so many different pieces, that instead giving like 1-5% cant remember but like 20% instead,yes beginning of the game its important but flutes and circlets are more and you level quick,not in 1 day but i think it was only lvl40 or something,lvl30? To put them on

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Cool I like it