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[Elite Trainer] Game Tips - The Lords Mobile Forum Elite Trainer Zone

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Posted on 2016-12-01 04:31:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey, Lords and Ladies!
We’re excited to launch the Elite Trainer Zone in the Lords Mobile game forum. Awesome game hints and tips from our well-experienced players are here for you! Get ready to reach new heights!
Check out the guides as below for more great guides and beginner tips to help you progress there.
Getting Started
Rookie Guide

Tutorial Guide

Building your Turf

How to Get Ahead with Free Heroes

Leaders and Defense

Beginner’s Build Guide

Equipment Sets & Guild Hives

Best Talent Specs

Maximizing Speed

Troop Types

Game Tips (for players below Castle Lv 17)

Hero Stages
Hero Stage Guide for “Free-to-Play” Players

Chapter 2: Gawaingod's Guide to Hero Stages

Gawaingod's F2P Guide to Clearing Hell-Three Easily

Zero to Hero – A Strategist’s Hero Guide

Kingdom Wars Strategy
A Guide to Kingdom Wars

Team Play in Kingdom Wars

Solo Play in Kingdom Wars

Earning Defense Kills for Kingdom Wars

Thanks to all of the veterans who helped create these fantastic tips and tricks!

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